1. l0cke


    If you have a chance to create a holiday, what would it be called, and how would people celebrate it? I would create one named CACKLE which is like a big laughter party! People share super stupid silly jokes, wear clothes that don't match, and dance out of the blue. It's a day all about...
  2. jeanfrank

    Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

    Hi guys, Hope you all guys have a happy thanksgiving day! Also, thanks for your help here. Cheers
  3. jeanfrank

    Haha, I got my money back on PayPal

    I didn't find him on BHW, but be careful guys! Also, thanks for PayPal transferring the money to me so quickly :p
  4. l0cke


    If you had access to a time machine WHEN and WHERE would you go? Hit a like and drop your comments
  5. jeanfrank

    [Fresh Talk] What are your thoughts on how the forum can avoid allowing more scammers to join?

    Hi guys, The weekend is coming! I know some people are on the vacation, that's nice! Hope you guys have a nice weekend. Today, I looked through some posts on Dispute Section. I found many people here have been scammed by those who like scamming people everywhere. It seems like one people can...
  6. Akenet

    What is the best investment you have ever made in your life?

    Tell us about the best investment you've ever made? We are very interested in your stories!
  7. CreativeDaddy

    What do you ride?

    Just got this badboy - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/zA7RTabC2NE Let's share everyone's rides!
  8. CreativeDaddy

    Russia attacked Poland - Thoughts?

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2022/nov/15/russia-ukraine-war-live-news-updates-kherson-victory-marks-beginning-of-end-of-russian-war-zelenskiy-says
  9. zeenous

    What do you think of electric vehicles?

    What do you think of them? and explain why you think that way Do you think they're here to stay? will they overtake normal cars? I personally don't like cars that have too much tech in them they are too unreliable and are destined to break down Meanwhile a hunk of steel that runs on gas will...
  10. yShot

    Here's why in 2018 people made shit of money and success in Internet Marketing

    For sure many of you guys have said that, or at least had a friend who said it at some point: "Oh man, everything's is waaay much harder now than it was before. Back in 2018-2019, espicially before the covid, people made tons of money and successeded. Now you can't do that anymore, the domain...
  11. CreativeDaddy

    How is the weather around there?

    Looking good in Portugal.
  12. Draconem

    Help with some strategies to grab gamers attention.

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time. First of all this is my second thread, I haven’t used this wonderful place but I will for sure. And hopefully I will meet the amazing people in here and make some friends. I am in a situation where i need any advice or insights from anyone...
  13. Queen Heidi

    what's your real name ? ?

  14. N

    What is the most unique service offered on BHW?

    Hi! It's late and I can't sleep so I'm curious. What do you think is the most unique service someone sells here on BHW? Many services such as likes/followers, follow/unfollow, backlinks, PR, even verification, are offered by at least a few sellers. What is a lesser known service I might not...
  15. CreativeDaddy

    Achieved 1000 posts :)

    I would like to use this achievement to give a BIG thank you to everyone in this forum. My daily routine it's not the same anymore without visiting BHW. Knowledge is by far one of the best things in life. Regards, CreativeDaddy.
  16. CreativeDaddy

    And the worst 2021 technical support goes to........ Godaddy!

    I just had this experience some minutes ago. I had to open a ticket requesting a simple DNS change because their manual system was always giving a error and this happen. Resume: The person in charge of my support ticket, made me request multiple password changes and got it a 7 days block. The...
  17. Apounéré

    I think The US Department of State is watching me!!! Should I be scared?

    so today while checking my earnings, i come across this (check out the attachment) ... from just 2 visits i earned $10:D i'm not even mad about it at this point... and this is like the fourth or fifth time this happened this month so far the question I have is whether they are just ordinary...
  18. vilaus

    Diamond Damien Banned? How?

    I mean to be honest Almost Anytime i visit BHW, I see a thread of someone that got Banned I wouldnt be Surprised if Somehow Diamond Damien Got Banned(Just kidding Mods), Because BHW Mods are doing a great Job but it lowkey feels like you're Competing with Facebook Ban Bots. PS: Mods dont Ban...
  19. P

    Help needed! Calling all BHW technical experts!

    Hi everyone, I know this isn't probably the best place to ask this, but I need those who are familiar with VPN's and physical hardware to help me... after all, this is a black hat community, right?! ;-) As you all know, most people around the world had 1 or more lockdowns due to the Covid...
  20. TechEinstien

    How to Start Training a Wife Internet Marketing??

    Hello, I am confused about how to start teaching my wife all about internet marketing like seo, affiliate marketing & all other activities blackhat or white hat. The ultimate goal is to earn money. I am not sure what should I start teaching first. She doesn't have much knowledge about my work...
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