1. kvvni

    Which languages do you speak? What language do you learn?

    Hello! I am speaking in my local language, English and recently started to learn Arabic. Curious how many languages do you know? Which languages do you think can be important for your business or career? What language would you like to learn? Just curious! :anyway:
  2. thesuperhero

    How to make money with 1 million users?

    How would you make money if you had a language exchange community/website with more than 1.000.000 members? - People from all over the world (you would know what languages they speak, what languages they learn and what countries they would like to visit) - Around 30k-60k active members daily I...
  3. R

    How many languages do you speak?

    Post the languages here if you'd like to.
  4. myonletter

    Google AdSense Alternatives in Persian, Javanese, Albanian and Belarusian?

    Google AdSense supports the content languages listed here. Which alternative contextual advertising networks exist which provide CPC and/or CPM based text and/or banner ads for languages not supported by Google AdSense? I'm looking for viable ad networks which support Persian, Javanese...
  5. jemzozole

    Links from a different language page

    Hello! Does it matter if I will receive links from the ENG website to other language blogs? Will the backlink work as normal? Does anyone have data on that subject or research on that topic?
  6. Xenrex

    How well do romance or erotica fare in other languages ?

    Did you try translating romance / erotica from another language to English or vice-versa ? How well did it turn out ? I rarely see people talk about doing that "business" in other languages, and I'm one to believe it might be much less competitive to publish in, say, French or German than in...
  7. Xenrex

    How well do romance or erotica fare in other languages ?

    Did you try translating romance / erotica from another language to English or vice-versa ? How well did it turn out ? I rarely see people talk about doing that "business" in other languages, and I'm one to believe it might be much less competitive to write in, say, French or German than in...
  8. R

    Internationalization strategy - when to start website in other language

    Hi BHW, This is my first post on this forum, but I have been following this website for a while now. As a short introduction: two years ago I was introduced to the online marketing world. I have since been very much into the technical side of it, focusing mostly on website building whereas the...
  9. suportxd

    Multiple languages on one domain SEO

    Hi there, want build multilanguage website ( wordpress ). First idea was install multiple wordpress on directories (, ) but with this setup it will be so much work to edit templates, pages etc., because i will be using so much languages. What if i insert languages...
  10. V

    Blogging in different languages

    Hello guys. I've been thinking about setting up a blog about some niche subject -- in different languages. Now should I use different domains for each language, or should I put them all under the same domain just by changing the subdomain? If I do decide to use different domains, can adsense...
  11. R

    SEO for different Languages

    Hello there BHW, I have a website with subdomains in various different languages for example: (italian) (greek) (french) I am looking for a reputable SEO company to build backlinks and high quality blog posts in the respective languages and...
  12. ninja21

    [INSIGHT] Each website for translated languages

    Is this a good idea? Each language has its own unique website. And rank each website for it's own language keywords. Anyone has done this before? A link probably in the forum ?
  13. G

    Pbn and a foreign language for foreign moneysite on .com domain

    I know this issue has been up a lot of times here before. But this is an evergreen challenge for the pbn's I think - and I am now curious to hear any news on this issue this late in 2018. So what do you guys think, for real? So the case to discuss (again) is as follows: 1. Money site is in...
  14. F

    -NOOB NEEDS HELP- Choosing the first language to learn for E-Com.

    Hey guys, I came to the conclusion that I should trust only experienced guys like you from BHW. I don't wanna be spoonfed or nothing like that. It's been a few days that I Google and Youtube guides on which is the best language to learn as a newbie to make efficient E commerces sites for...
  15. L

    Local languages search engines WITH addurl page/form

    Hi. I known, addurl - is very old method and in some SE he not working. But I do experiment. Maybe, smbdy knows Search Engines for local languages with "addurl" function (ja, ch, and other with very large population in this country)? In Russia, local search engine is Yandex, and he give...
  16. TheTyper

    Spanish Language Forum Metrics

    Hi there, this post has a porpuse: To know how many of you out there involve in your internet marketing work Spanish Language as part of your desired traffic or content. And if you can please be gentle enough to complete the post's survey, and of course...
  17. U

    Backlinks in different languages?

    I am running GSA Search Engine Ranker to create back links automatically. One of the websites I am using is translated into several different languages and it is setup so when someone visits it, it determines what language the user is using and displays the website in that language. The URLs are...
  18. J

    Ranking spanish page with senuke, english content used. ¿posible?

    Hello I want to know if doing linkbuilding to my site using web sites in English (senuke sites) do I can rank my spanish page?. Does someone use senuke only to rank websites in other languages by putting only the anchor in the language of the page? Thank you, all the experiences and...
  19. aldragon

    Articles in Arabic

    Hi there, Anyone here gives the content and article writing services in arabic? thanks in advance :cool:
  20. M

    C#, Python, PHP...For Web Development What is the Best to Start with as Foundation?

    I know that similar questions have been asked but I would like to hear some more opinions on this. I would like to learn web development but also learn something that will allow me to pick up other skills relatively easy. Also, I would like to be able to make money with this skill beyond my...
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