1. C

    Google Places Screwed my whole business up! HELP PLEASE $$

    I recently moved my business location locally to a different store, Google places deleted my account and will not help me at all! People search for my business and don't find anything at all. I need help solving this. This store is an indoor hydroponics retailer. If someone can help please...
  2. infinix69

    Using Google+ while staying Anonymous - Is it possible?

    Hey guys, I have been wondering if it is possible to stay anonymous while still making use of Google+ for branding and authorship. By anonymous I mean that I don't want to use my real name, but rather a 'nickname' or alias that I use on my authority or business site. I know Google+ supports...
  3. F

    Google+ and Youtube

    How do I exactly rank my Youtube video using Google+, I heard that Youtube likes Google+ signals.. Do I make random accounts and then share my video or what?
  4. Tom47

    Instagram,Tumblr,Pinterest Tips

    Hi, I'm kinda new around here. This is my first post and English is my second language so be nice please;) About me: I have a simple picture website with adsense. I've been running it for almost 2 years now. I used to make pretty decent money getting traffic from facebook. ($500-$1700 a day)...
  5. G

    Help with google plus?

    Hi, I am new in this forum. I have read, that google plus is good for SEO. If anyone could help me with just a few? about 1-50 google pluses: shinetech (.) dk/g.php :cool: If this thread is not legal, please let me know, and I will delete it ofc. Thank you :cool:
  6. sathyavcs

    [Giveaway] New Year Giveaway 50 Google Plus Followers to First 25 Members

    Hello BHW, I would like to GIVEAWAY 50 Google+ Circle Followers to first 25 people. Every Followers is USA based and Every Follower have authenticate Profile details. Please PM your Google+ URL Thanks
  7. S

    Google +1s alive or dead?

    I used to find a lots and lots of services offering +1s on fiverr but they are not there at the moment. I always had this question 'Do +1s help your SEO?' Even I used to provide few services of +1s on fiverr but I stopped it after the +1s started vanishing. Are people still interested in...
  8. I

    Multiple Locations for Google Places

    Looking to purchase virtual offices to expand the locations my business will be listed on for google places. Any suggestions or common pitfalls? Tried using Regus in the past and worked ok but fairly expensive.
  9. B

    Google+ and the rel=author link

    Google lovers look at Google+ as the best thing next to sliced bread. Other people think that it is not as useful for marketing. Whether a person likes it or not, Google+ cannot be disregarded for SEO. Content producers have to consider 2 features of the network. 1. Google+ content gets ranked...
  10. ngriffin360

    Google Local Search Different SEO Methods?

    Ok so in some ways im a newb and in some ways a veteran with IM. I guess ill chalk up my ignorance in regards this question to not being as diverse as i should in my knowledge base. Does anyone have a at least somewhat intuitive guide to generating keyword rank just for local Google search...
  11. georgeorwell

    Best way to Bulk Add Google+ Circles

    I am trying to build followers to clients Google+ Pages in a practicable manner. Obviously, you cannot add anyone to a Circle for a Page until they have themselves already circled the page - that's the catch22 that is so darned deliciously tempting, crack this and you got an early gravy train...
  12. 123yesitsme

    [HELP] Google+ bulk circle adder

    Hello, Basically, what I'm trying to do is add users that comment a certain post to a particular circle. So if I made a post and 3 people commented, I'd want an app or tool that would then put them into a circle. I found a Chrome plugin called 'circle+' that grabs all the profiles it can...
  13. S

    Looking for freelance providers-facebook likes, google+, twitter followers, google places

    Hello, I am looking for freelance providers of the following services: -Facebook likes - both worldwide and targeted -Twitter followers -Google+ -Youtube Views -Google Places experts Please email me at profootballzap at gmail the details and pricing of any of the above that you can...
  14. V

    Google Plus - Post Syndication

    Is there an easy way to syndicate and/or schedule posts to feed into Google Plus? I am using Hootesuite currently, but it doesn't look like the application current supports Google+. Any thoughts?
  15. mrblackjack

    [REVIEW] unlimited facebook likes/recommend, Google+, Twitter followers + Clocaking. Advan

    I need reviews for this advanced platform. PM me to get a registration link.
  16. markomarkogame

    Google+ effect [picture]

    So i ordered a GIG on fiverr for around 100 g+ votes, after few hours this happened. As you can see there is a jump in 4 keywords SERPS, for a 5$ gig its awesome, mostly because it pays out after day or 2 :)
  17. B

    Google+ Profile Scraper - Beta

    Here's a nice little Google+ Profile scraper that is currently in the works. Basically it scrapes a users full profile info and outputs it anywhere you would like. Right now it has about 5k profiles in the Database, but will include an auto profile scraper in a couple of days. Let me know how...
  18. ExtremeSEO

    Auto-Google +1 WP Plugin

    The is an automated Google +1 WordPress Plugin. Every time a user comes on your site, is logged into Google, and clicks anywhere on your page - you will automatically receive a +1. The plugin is simple...just activate and then let it do the rest. This was a quick script I made in about 15...
  19. m.rvs2141

    Google + - amazing. Facebook, Twitter will die??

    Google + - amazing. Facebook, Twitter will die?? A few days I spent researching Google Plus. A couple of big giants such as Face Twitter made conference with name, "How we shall defend ourselves against incredible big G? I'm not sure how they can actually resist the pressure from Google +...
  20. D

    Is Google becoming a mafija?

    Hi, today I received invitation to Google + and began with the filling the form. Unfortunately I miss typed my birth year and in the second my mail was blocked! Without of possibility to fix a mistake. :( Google offered me two solutions: 1. to send them copy of my document, which will evidence...