1. R

    How to spam on Google Plus?

    Hi everybody! It's again me, asking the same question. I've been noticing that there are users that are posting in google plus' communities huge waves of spam. I've seen four posts in a row of the same user, in the same community, all being posted in the same minute. Not only in one community...
  2. GwenGwen

    Google is... relaunching Google+ (what?!)

    Oh, this is interesting. "Google is rebuilding Google+ around two popular features — Communities and Collections. Google claims that Communities averages 1.2 million new joins per day." "Collections allows users to group posts by topic and curate their own lists (or follow previously...
  3. K

    Can I put a share button with a different url than the page it is on?

    I'm making a free plugin for WordPress and I'm thinking on how to utilize social media to promote it. So my question is, can I put a Facebook and Google+ share buttons on my plugin settings page with the shared url being my plugin page on ? Can I do that?, because most of the time...
  4. H

    Google+ Info

    Hey BlackhatWorld, I am wondering how to gain real followers for Google+ I need them to be real because I need to get 1000, to get my YouTube channel verified. I am in a partnership that will verify me, the only thing I need is 1000 followers. Does anyone know the best way to do this...
  5. LiquidOCELOT

    How i add all people who commented on one video to a circle by just one click help!

    I am looking for an extension that lets me add every person commenting on a particular video to a particular Google+ circle by just a single click or maximum 3 clicks any one knows ?
  6. N

    Question about Google My Business / Google+/ Google Places

    Hello, please help me find a way to see a Google listing's managing account. The one that the owner uses to log into the dashboard. I need only the username. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  7. R

    Google Plus Profile Images - is Google Tracking Machine ID?

    I read somewhere that Google is tracking machine ID when images are uploaded to Google+ profiles. might explain why they make it difficult to add images from online sources and require upload from computer. Can anyone comment on this? Do they capture machine ID? Is there a method to mask...
  8. K

    Is there a way to track where the views for a given post in G+ have come from?

    Basically I have very tiny amount of people following me, but one of my post with just 10-15 likes and 2 shares has become viral and I want to track where the views have come from. Is there a way to do this? Best regards,
  9. ExpressFans

    Google will end forced Google+ integration into its products!

    Original article: It seems Google finally came to their senses! I'm not one to bash G+, but forcing a "SOCIAL" network is absurd! Could the days of ranking comments on YouTube...
  10. C

    Tools for Google+ followers

    Hi I'm looking for a tools where I can follow my all friends from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others to my Google+ account. Do you know where I can found a tools can help me to found my friends from my social medias to Google+? Thanks
  11. S

    google+ new genrtation's super social hero

    Google+ to surpass Facebook in near future..
  12. U

    How to Get Google+ automated Shares?

    Hello, I know there are some tricks to get Google+ automated shares like we have bot for FB likes and shares and also for Twitter as well as for Pinterest. I want to know about that trick, how it is done? how to get automated shares? I'm being hiring this service from other guys , but when I ask...
  13. pulkitseo

    is there easy and fast way to get follow in google plus page?

    is there easy and fast way to get follow in google plus page? it need free follows...Is there any such site that works in follow for follow ... I have tried few but they don't take extension plus HinduBz they are saying it invalid whats the fix for it ?
  14. C

    Manipulate Number Of Google Shares On A Post In Google Plus

    Is there a way, without just being popular, to get more shares on a post in Google+? I am talking about a fast or easy way :-) I have been on G+ for a while and I am convinced there are some who are doing this based on some of the huge numbers of shares they are able to get in a very short...
  15. Scritty

    Hulk Hogan Introduces Yellow Tee SEO [NOT A JOKE]

    At about 6:30 he gets annoyed that Google have banned his Google+ account thinking it was fake. All that aside. This is really actionable info on using +. The one thing it's NOT about is just getting a load of followers. That does little or nothing on its own. Scritty
  16. mrmidjam

    Social signals, questions & answers website, Hootsuite

    Hi, I have a Q&A website and Hootsuite, Twitterfeed to post every time a question is added, thing is I have a feed that will update every time a question gets answered and it posts the same link/title again to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but, with answered in the front of it. My question is...
  17. gogamer

    Google+ miracle, how to reproduce?

    Hi. Yesterday i made a simple new Google+ account with a photo of an not too pretty girl ( to look more unique) and today i got 300+ people who have me in his circles and just growing (+10 per hour) I shared some trending news (about 8 post from popular news sites) but i haven't see too much...
  18. zoomsixx

    The best Google+ help and resources

  19. E

    Possible to create bulk Google+ accounts and post reviews that stick?

    To help the review situation at my dad's tire shop, I want to create Google+ profiles in a specific US city and post legitimate reviews with these accounts on his Google+ and Yelp pages. Is it even a possibility to be able to do this without getting the accounts or the google+ pages sandboxed...
  20. E

    How can I promote my web site on google + and twitter and get more traffic?

    I want to promote my new web site on google + and twitter. Should i do this with my own profile or with web site profile? Almost two months i'm trying to promote my web on yahoo, facebook, stumbleupon but my web page still don't get traffic. Where I wrong?