1. SeoArrowLTD

    Google+ Litigation

    Is this for real? Is anyone here that received an email from Google about this?
  2. Legendary_MaaN

    they are shutting Google+ down...

    just found out google+ is being shut down for consumers by april 4, they are advising to save your data and everything before that. sad news. so, if you didn't knew that you should back up all your data from G+. i know most people here knew this already but still i wanted to share the sad news...
  3. F

    Looking for someone to post links to Google+

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can post 100+ links to different Google+ Communities without being banned or ghosted. I'm looking for someone who has experience specifically with Google+ and has G+ accounts that have history and followers. PM me your price and details. Thanks
  4. Joshgnh

    Google+ addresses

    Hello. I need to submit local business on google maps. For this I need to send a postcard on a physical address which I don't have. Does anyone know where to get a physical address? I've heard about virtual offices. Do you have any other options? Thank you.
  5. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Google+ Shutting Down Because of Data Leak, Will you miss it?

    Google+ is shutting down:
  6. MMJason

    [WTH] Freelancer who can do google+ reviews

    I am urgently looking for a freelancer who has a few google+ accounts and can review some local services that are on google. I will give you the link to the local service, the amount of stars to give and what kind of text. I will pre write the text for you. If you can create google+ accounts...
  7. Donawoite

    AGED, NEW PVA AND NON PVA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Google+, Reddit High quality Accounts

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be informed that we have an imposter in Skype that is using our name (Donawoite, 247buyaccs) to scammed people, always verify us through our email [email protected] or PM us here or post in this thread if you can’t PM before sending money to anyone using our...
  8. Mcshizzle1016

    Populate Google+ page in effort to be verified?

    Hi there, Is there any services available that would help populate my page & community to make my page look legit enough to be accepted into the Google+ Create system. Doing this will help my YouTube channel be verified despite not having 100,000 subscribers. Thanks, Charlie
  9. LiquidOCELOT

    please help how to expert google + circles from one g+ to another

    please i could only find this old video below on this but this isnt working just tried out ill still share this so you guys can understand what i want to do with my google+ circles from banned youtube account i need those google+ circles desperately help
  10. D

    Need help removing Google+ post

    About 5 years ago someone set up a Google+ account under a fake name, made several attack posts aimed at me, mostly, over two separate days and then never used the account again. Despite the fact that the account is obviously fake, has been dormant for several years, and was only used to attack...
  11. Sanjar

    best G+(social media) management tool!

    I'm wondering what is the best social media management tool in the market based on blackhatters experience? I'm looking for a G+ management tool that can handle multi accounts will all the features! As I said I'm looking for the best one out there?
  12. LiquidOCELOT

    Has any one tried the Google+ circling of there subscribers method ?

    Hey i wanted to know what if you just manually inserted all of your subscribers what if 50k subs you had and all of them in a google+ circle you have an email list of your subscribers taking you like a month, and then you can just share your videos via this circle has any one tried it, is there...
  13. LiquidOCELOT

    how to share video to circles some new changes to youtube help

    i got circles in niche over 500+ followers but cant share my latest video to them i dont know how can some body help me
  14. McAndy

    Google+ user URL scraper

    Anyone know a tool that can scrape Google+ user URL's ? Thanks
  15. Padilla

    Revolutionary Tools For Social Media Marketing(Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest)!

  16. SamSebeYa

    [100%FREE] 50 Google+ Circles

    Hey Guys! Since I'm doing tests for my social service I can give you Google+ Circles for free. So, now I'm delivering for FREE: 50 FREE Google Plus Circles -- 22 spots available! Post your link here or send me PM
  17. Frankkk

    Is good Google+ for SEO?

    Hello BHW friends, I am thinking of increasing my Google+ community to improve the SEO of one of my projects but not sure if it is useful or not. What is your experience?
  18. freddief

    Best Google+ Bot, Facebook Bot, YouTube Bot and SoundCloud Bot?

    I have been using followliker for a while and it works perfectly. The only problem is that it doesn't work for Google+, Facebook,YouTube and Soundcloud. Does anyone have experience using bots for either of these social platforms? and if so, which bots work best? IMPORTANT - I'm looking to buy...
  19. 141244

    BuzzBundle Pro -_- GiveAwayofTheDay until 10am MEZ

    BuzzBundle is an all-in-one tool for social media marketing. If you want to build a strong online presence across all popular social networks, blogs, and forums, you can’t do it manually. What you need is professional software for social media marketing that will streamline your work and connect...
  20. CrescentSkies

    Facebook or Google+ Comments

    I recently replaced my blogspot blog's commenting system with Facebook comments. It's too early to see an impact yet but I'm wondering if this has helped anyone else's SEO or traffic over the default Google+?
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