1. K

    [Give away] G+ Invite

    I don't know if there are similar threads if there are I apologize. I have a G+ account and as you know for the time being its an invite only deal. so if you need a G+ invite just reply to the thread with the name portion of your gmail address no need to include the @ gmail portion of...
  2. globolsales

    What SEO / Marketing / Operation Services for Google Plus

    Hi everyone There are many services for facebook. We are looking idea for services for google plus Can you list out what u need 1. invitation ( maybe not necessary in long run ) 2. bulk account creation 3. Profile update and customization 4. Google plus marketing - what services - what...
  3. J

    Google +

    What do you think about Google+, I think that the "sparks" thing is pretty interesting for us.