exact match

  1. Anticitizen1

    Google ads question.

    I have added both phrase match and exact match for the same keyword. Will Google ads count 2 clicks instead of 1 click now? Suppose you have keyword car wash. I added both +car +wash and [car wash] in keyword list. Now if the user enters by keyword car wash , it qualifies for both exact and...
  2. blackshadowseo

    Exact match anchors

    Can i have my anchors same as my keyword or should it be focused on branding? If i am using the keywords for the anchors will it affect the ranking?
  3. qwertzui11

    Deleting weak pbn backlinks, with powerful anchors

    I have recently checked my backlinks, and found some real shitty pbn links, that I built long ago with some seo-guy. Backlinks now like RD5 - RD10, and the sites are being pbns for 4 years, having a ton of outbound links to "whoknowswhere". I dont have manual penalty, just noticed...
  4. qwertzui11

    Are Brand anchors got direct effect on ranking?

    I know that Brand anchors increases domain authority, and trust. But I dont know, that if it has any direct effect on rankings for specific pages, or it "just" can be used for deluting backlink anchor texts, so I can build "naturally" more URL/LSI/EXACT anchors that has real effect on rankings...
  5. qwertzui11

    301 to correct anchor text ratio?

    I have found a domain. A blog site, fully related to my niche. (Stories, and posts about the product I am selling.) The domain is pure clean, there was none linkbuilding ever. Having 90 live referring domains, kind of clean backlink profile. The question is: What to do next? My money site is a...
  6. gman777

    Exact match vs partial match

    Let's say I want to rank for best refrigerator for sale. That's 4 words. If I target refrigerator for sale, how much in % does it count towards the full match keyword? 75%? Since there is 3/4 of keyword. Let me hear your thoughts.
  7. T

    is my keyword good?

    Ok, so I'm not going to tell you my keyword straight up as someone may steal. The keyword has to do with insurance, is 2 words and has a competition for 40,000,000 broad search and about 650,000 exact. Now my question is, if I can get the Exact Match Domain (EMD) for that keyword and...
  8. B

    Exact Match Domains

    Fellas- I thought that after Panda/Farmer that exact Matches were tossed out, but I see exact matches (even .info's) ranking 4, 3, 2, or even 1 for some keywords. Even above the actual products website here and there. Did they pull that out of the algorithm? Thanks In Advance.
  9. johndea

    "Exact match" for keyword research

    Why do people recommend that you use "exact match" numbers from Google Keyword Research tool? Why are "broad match" results not good? Aren't most of the people how search for your keyword not going to use quotes? i.e. aren't most of the searches going to be broad searches?
  10. flow

    Match question-- Broad/exact/etc.

    Hey all, long time no talk. My first q is this: What's the difference between "cocacola" and cocacola with no quotes? Will Google consider cocacola a broad match phrase and search similar things like 'soda' or coke' etc.? or is one word going to be exact match. I just need some advice for...
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