1. S

    Need a domain broker

    I have close to 80 premium domains with combined Estibot value of these domains well over $2M. These domains are in hot niches like Forex,Payday loans,insurance,porn etc. Can anyone suggest/connect me a good domain broker? I am ready to pay up to 20% commission.
  2. domainbuddy_in

    [LIST] Domain Name Appraisal Tools

    The most challenge for every domainer is to evaluate their domain names in perfect range to sell them to end-user. The majority of us set our asking price without checking the demand and other parameters like age, no. of extensions, backlinks, etc. which lead to NO offers for those names. We may...
  3. X

    Investments Domain

    hello i have 500-1k dollar i want to investments in this domain i'm looking for a journey and advice from people who work in this niche i already have a bit of knowledge i want to start with a simple domain, not the 2-4 keyword
  4. Nour Saber asks for identification card - Is it safe? asks to upload gov identification card Is it safe?
  5. Dr Doomain

    [METHOD] Making a killing with IDNS

    Hey Blackhatters, This is my first post as a Junior VIP, but I've been on this forum since 2008 (with a different profile), and now I would like to give back to the community. I want to share the method that made me money online for the first time more than 10 years ago. Although many things...
  6. BobJustBob

    Extensive Guide for Domaining; evaluation, registration, expired domains, tools for domaining etc.

    Hello, I see a lot of recurring questions on Domain Name Forum. As a long term player in the Domain Industry, I decided that what i can do best to contribute BHW is creating a guide for all aspects of Domaining. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, i dont think my English is good enough...
  7. Tyskeen

    Beginners Guide on Domain Flipping

    Hey guys, so I have done domain flipping for about 6 months now, and I can tell you that it can be pretty overwhelming for a "noob" to get into it. Beginners often think that whatever name they like, will be worth a lot of money. But the reality often looks different. In this beginners guide, I...
  8. M

    My exact method to make $200 online in 5min

    Hi, i want to share my method to earn $200 from domaining, Go to Bolds-org Search for popular keywords domains: finance, forex, drone, 3dprinter... the site will generate some premium domains, look for the great one and look on namebio similar sales history, then you list it on Flippa from this...
  9. R

    Getting non-domainers interested in my domains

    I have a fairly good domains portfolio and i have some names i currently have no use for that i would like to get rid of. What approach do you find the best to ultimately get a "non-domainer" person interested ? I'm trying to find the best way to formulate my communication. Let's say i have...
  10. R

    Anyone using

    I stumbled on their site by accident and the offer seemed to make sense. What do you think ?
  11. D

    Domain Accounting Software

    Good afternoon BHW, Joined the forum to learn and defintely have learned. My question is one of accounting software specifically designed for Domaining. Currently we use Quicken for our other businesses and it works quite well, but domaining seems to be a lot more complicate din the ways of...
  12. B

    Domaining - PPC Accounts Closed or Discounted - Was Making $5k + Monthly

    I built a system a few years ago that I was pretty proud of and was making decent money until one account got closed, they kept the $5700 that I made, and my other account started getting discounted from about $3k monthly to less than $50. In the end I netted about $20k over the course of 3...
  13. chaos_id

    BH Domainers Help Needed! How to Make Money from Branded TLD Which Not Booked Yet?

    Simply greet! All BHTers, I do some little keyword research and i found something interesting. I filtered those keywords, since i found official .com site from that keyword is N0. 1 and having a good backlinks and another keyword is available since nobody (adsenser or domainer) are not booking...
  14. russaus

    Importance of domain name and TLD

    Idea for this thread came from here, within BHW. Seems there is a debate about the importance of the TLD (see wiki for more on top-level domain - i.e. .com, .net) when it comes to creating websites. If you read the thread from the point above you'll see my stand point on the matter, which...
  15. S

    Why not Make your Own Parking Page? Few Q's on Selling

    I want to park a few domains I own and Im wondering why I just cant create my own parking template and place my own ads into it? What is the point of using a parking service? Doesnt that cost to use a parking service like godaddy and others? The reason I ask is because I have some local...
  16. Y

    Domain Parking with Yahoo ads?

    Hi guys, Can you guys tell me who, beside display Yahoo ads on their domain parking programs? Cheers, YoAussie
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