Domaining - PPC Accounts Closed or Discounted - Was Making $5k + Monthly


Oct 29, 2013
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I built a system a few years ago that I was pretty proud of and was making decent money until one account got closed, they kept the $5700 that I made, and my other account started getting discounted from about $3k monthly to less than $50. In the end I netted about $20k over the course of 3 months.

Here is where I messed up... I got greedy... I used one source for much of my traffic, ramping up too quickly without diversifying... I made most of the money from only a couple sources... The best money came from parking sites...

The money started slow with only a few hundred dollars for traffic and grew over the course of a few months with reinvesting of the funds. I really saw its potential and would like to get back into it but it has been more than a year since the account closures.

Here is what my system did. It would take in a URL that had parameters for the keywords, category, etc that would then take a variety of actions depending on what came in on the parameters. Usually it would randomly choose a keyword from my database or pull it from the parameter of the URL (if it was an ad buy), check the IP address against a list of 400+ domains in my database to make sure the IP didnt land on a single domain/keyword too frequently, pass through a number of redirects and then supply the keyword to the parking page query direct to results.

Traffic from bringvisitor worked really well for quite a while. Cost was low and returns were very high. This was really my primary source of traffic. I tested MGID, Looksmart, and some others but I didnt get near the return.

I know this because part of the system I built allowed me to manage all my domains in real-time, had stats for which domains were receiving which traffic, which IP's were coming from which source and a number of other handy features. It was balancing about 300k requests daily at its peak with minimal loss.

I would shift domains from one monetization source to another user the nameserver settings at my host and move them a few times per day.

I would like to share more information, possibly code snippets and recommendations to others, but would like it to be reciprocal. I consider myself to be pretty junior for coding, more of a script kiddy a lot of times, but am not afraid to get in and test.

If anyone has advise or could point me in the direction of good sources to get back into this it would be great.

Is Parking dead? If not, what companies are paying out well now and where are good sources of traffic that wont get me banned? What kind of tricks are people using to get the traffic to click?

I see content sites out there that are pretty generic and know they are making money but, again, where are they getting their traffic and how are they getting the clicks?
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