1. A

    Quick question about monetization.

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding monetization of a YouTube channel and I apologize if I am asking this in the wrong place. I just want to know how a channel can get monetized when using footage from a tv show, lets say for example a popular tv show like breaking bad or game of...
  2. R

    How much ad revenue for 15k unique users

    I own a small movie download site with about 15000 visitors a day, 90% of whom are from North America. I am with an ad networtk that have Poup Ads enabled on my site. For the 15000 unique users they pay me 100€ a day. Is this scam? I have the feeling that the ad networks that offer pop ads...
  3. bestspinner

    $10k from twitter creator monetization

    It's time to make money on twitter
  4. MemeLord

    Questions about YouTube & Adsense

    1) Is it okay to link mutiple youtube channels to one adsense account? 2) are you using mutiple channels without any issue? 3) Or suggest me how can i use mutiple whitehat YouTube channels without any issue? 4) "new channels doesn’t get much attention from YouTube" is it true? If you can...
  5. John Ignashevich

    ⭐Website\CPA\CPM traffic. Real human android traffic⭐ Test before purchase!⭐Majority of GEOs

    Some questions and answers: Question: - Is this traffic real human traffic? - Yes. And the best proof of this is that I've been handling this traffic for about 2.5 years with many CPA and CPM networks. I am attaching screenshots of conversions\revenue\payments from some CPA\CPM networks. If...
  6. G

    Old adsense account affect on Youtube channel?

    Hi, I will buy monetized youtube channel without adsense account, so i will link it with my own adsense account after buy it. Just i want to know for exemple if that old adsense was link to the channel get disabled or anything else, will affect on my youtube channel ??! Sorry for my bad English
  7. bestspinner

    Start making money with Twitter now

    You can monitize your tweets now,
  8. T

    TikTok Bot Detection

    Hi, I currently post videos with a performance based sponsorship with a brand. The most money the are able to pay me under our agreement is once my video reaches 1M views. They told me that these views must be organic and that they have a “filter engine” that tells them whether views are paid...
  9. Lolleu

    No Commentary Gaming Channel vs. Reused Content

    I know YouTube doesn't like gaming channels with no comments. I have 3 gaming channels without comment - modified games (mods + shaders) - game comparisons low vs. ultra, GTA V vs GTA IV [but no comment] - graphics card...
  10. E

    How might you monetize sites built with mass page generators like GSA Content Generator?

    I was thinking of testing out making a bunch of sites for ultra low competition keywords, using mass page generators. Like GSA Content Generator. I don't know if it will work or not, chances are it will flop. But if it does work, I was wondering, how would I go about monetizing such sites? The...
  11. Norman_drey

    How can I monetize a blog with less traffic

    How do I monetize a blog with 300-500 daily organic traffic? I don't wanna use adsence because I won't earn anything due to low traffic.
  12. K

    Getting a Channel Monetized To Change The Niche

    I'm planning on getting my channel monetized by uploading original gameplay videos with narration and slight editing to apply for partnership. The main goal is to have my channel monetized and then switch the niche completely to start uploading original videos. If the channel gets approved...
  13. ciphercipher1

    Adsense approval of .apk websitr

    Hey I just bought a website that was monetized with adsense on flippa. Now when I try to apply for my newly registered adsense account, it says "rejected for hacking content". Not a single place in my website that contains hacking words. It is mostly " MOD, UNLOCKED , UNLIMITED MONEY" etc. What...
  14. M

    Ig Reels Bonus Views/Monetize

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience generating views with Instagram reels bonus? I am a content creator in Music and was wondering if someone could help me generate the views to go towards monetization. I'm willing to split or some to an agreement since I keep getting invited back...
  15. FluffyStuff

    How to know if a Youtube channel monetization?

    As title, I'd love to know is there any way to check if a channel is monetization or not.
  16. MessyWile

    My channel with 270k subs got demonetized. What should i do?

    I created this channel 9 years ago. First 6 years I posted motivational videos and I had monetization on. I used scenes from movies and speeches from public figures. Then youtube in 2019 turns off monetization on my channel. Then I paid for stock footage and hire some people on fiver to create...
  17. smm jacopo

    Motivational videos on YouTube

    Seeking advice for a YouTube channel with monetization goal in the motivation and personal growth niche. My intention is to take English-language videos and have them dubbed by a professional in my native language. Leading experts in the field will be approached. Is it still possible to start...
  18. Kieu Minh Nhat

    Bulk Monetized Youtube Channel For Sale -

  19. socialglamup | Buy Custom Comments, Likes, Views, Retweets, Subscribers (and more) from Social Media Followers in Africa & the Blac...

    Looking to fine-tune your audience to include a more diversified demographic? Let’s help you grow your social media accounts the proper way with real & active social media followers from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria & the African Diaspora. No bots, no spammy activity - just real likes...
  20. ibrapique

    Why Football highlights Channels are not getting demonetized ?

    They are getting millions of views daily & monthly posting old & classic highlights " i know how they edit to bypass content id " , Is there a trick or something we are missing so YouTube is letting them stay monetized ?! examples : 1 - 2 -...
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