1. Case Study: real story of real 33k$ success.png

    Case Study: real story of real 33k$ success.png

  2. haroune fahl

    Facebook Monetization Program(ads on reels) friendzoned me

    Hey everyone, I started a facebook page 2 months ago , sharing original videos in hopes of joinning the facebook monetization program( ads on reels) and making some extra money. I have gathered more than 19K followers with more than 320K minutes played and more than 1M views over the past 2...


  4. onclicka banner for bhw.png

    onclicka banner for bhw.png

    Main banner of OnClickA ad network
  5. LinkerSeeker

    Any search feeds publishers?

    How are you dealing with the recent drama in the industry? I am talking about filtering in the last few months, the BHS TQ rollout etc And coverage seems to be a new issue that can cause red flags What are you doing to improve your traffic and metrics?
  6. S

    Would YouTube Allow This?

    Hi there I'm thinking about creating a YouTube channel with Police Body Cam footage. I have found some channels that do not have watermarks on their videos. Would I be able to take these, edit them, do a voiceover, and get monetized? Or would YouTube see it as reused content and not monetize...
  7. manimanitas

    ways to monetize musical niche?

    got an acc that recently reched 1k hitting +100 follows per week focused on the spanish underground urban music scene, not something big but i have reached several virals and helped local artists to build a fan base on tiktok, any brainstorming to help me get this traffic monetized? recently...
  8. dipak777

    not able to get approval from Adsense - thin content issue

    It's been two times AdSense rejected my website. The first time, it was rejected because of my fault. I had 5-6 posts below 300 words per article. But after getting rejected for the first time, I deleted some posts, re-edited all the content, and added a few screenshots, headings, etc. Then I...
  9. H4ckerM

    Best ways to monetize Media content (Movies/TV Shows/etc...)

    Hi, long story short. I'm now researching the monetization of media content, currently focused on movies. And well, things seem to go well, I do have traffic, I do have a good web site, but the conversion is crappy as hell. So my question is, how do you monetize, or which are the best ways in...
  10. crypt03nthu

    Can I re-apply for AdSense after getting approval from Ezoic?

    Well, I applied for AdSense initially on a website with an organic traffic of more than 10k/month but they rejected it with no specific reason. After 2 days, I applied on Ezoic for the same website and they approved the account. Ads are also appearing and earning has started as well. So, can I...
  11. kapacita

    Tiktok Monetization

    Hi guys, i have pretty successful tiktok acc, but the problem is I cant use tiktok creator fund. I live in EU country, where its not available. Whats the best way to obey that? Im currently considering USA sim card, but idk how to get that. Thanks for your responses. Kapacita
  12. lorand

    Facebook In-stream ads help

    I've been facing some challenges with Facebook monetization, particularly with getting my In-stream ads approved. I've been using TikTok videos without watermarks, and I even made some modifications by adding my own endings to them. However, it seems that I still have problem I suspect it's...
  13. LegendAndroidX

    How is this youtube channel keeps making money?

    Hey guys. i have a question , how this channel keeps monetization enabled? Also is he earns through the live stream ?
  14. P

    Monetization idea needed - IG

    Hello there to the best community on the internet :) I hope you all are doing well :)) I'm a Guy from a small Balkan country and I have been here on this forum since 2009 learning and watching other peoples journeys while learning there too. I have been trying many methods and following many...
  15. L

    Facebook Performance bonuses 30k$

    Hi recently my friend from other country told me he started with facebook pages performance bonuses hes earning pretty well, the problem Is I am not from usa, so I don’t have a social security number (SSN), Is there any way I can get one In a legit way, I am willing to pay services that can...
  16. AriantheWise

    Quick question about monetization.

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding monetization of a YouTube channel and I apologize if I am asking this in the wrong place. I just want to know how a channel can get monetized when using footage from a tv show, lets say for example a popular tv show like breaking bad or game of...
  17. R

    How much ad revenue for 15k unique users

    I own a small movie download site with about 15000 visitors a day, 90% of whom are from North America. I am with an ad networtk that have Poup Ads enabled on my site. For the 15000 unique users they pay me 100€ a day. Is this scam? I have the feeling that the ad networks that offer pop ads...
  18. bestspinner

    $10k from twitter creator monetization

    It's time to make money on twitter
  19. MemeLord

    Questions about YouTube & Adsense

    1) Is it okay to link mutiple youtube channels to one adsense account? 2) are you using mutiple channels without any issue? 3) Or suggest me how can i use mutiple whitehat YouTube channels without any issue? 4) "new channels doesn’t get much attention from YouTube" is it true? If you can...
  20. John Ignashevich

    ⭐Website\CPA\CPM traffic. Real human android traffic⭐ Test before purchase!⭐Majority of GEOs

    Some questions and answers: Question: - Is this traffic real human traffic? - Yes. And the best proof of this is that I've been handling this traffic for about 2.5 years with many CPA and CPM networks. I am attaching screenshots of conversions\revenue\payments from some CPA\CPM networks. If...
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