1. Kamil Witakowski

    Afternic parking problem

    Hello everyone I using parkings over the years and now want to back to afternic but there is a problem my domains are parked with ns1 and ns2 afternic DNS but it not showing anything (DNS are good and it want to open site but there is nothing there it showing blank page). My parking status on...
  2. Dictatorce

    Njalla still in sedo parking after 1 week?

    I just transferred my domain registrar to Njalla from Godaddy, I'm using mediatemple hosting. I don't know why but after 1 week my site is still in sedo parking, I've asked support and they said it's still propagating. Should I just wait? Or maybe I've done something wrong?
  3. M

    i want to buy ( account

    i want to buy ( for domain parking account or any account in any parking domain company but ( old account ) under 2015 sorry for my little english
  4. J

    Misspelled / Typosquatting parking advise?

    Hello guys, I am new to the forum. I have a misspelled / typosquatting domain from a big payment provider. It's a CCTLD that per month in average receives 4,000 type ins and makes $ 25 from it through parking. It makes this number since years. The domain is blocked from ad networks like...
  5. I

    I find keyword with 33000 monthly searches,what to do next? How to monetise it?

    Hi, I registered domain name with exact keyword(s) that has about 33000 monthly searches,and low competition.How to monetize it? My thinking: 1) monetize with Godaddy park cash or sedo parking 2)set up wordpress and monetize with Adsense 3)Sell domain on Flippa? 4)? Any suggestions would be...
  6. M

    Domain Parking Services - which is the best?

    Hey dudes, looking for a domain parking service for my domains. heared about: Google adsense for domains, godaddy's cashparking, imonetize ... which can you advice to my and why?
  7. R

    Anyone using

    I stumbled on their site by accident and the offer seemed to make sense. What do you think ?
  8. 4

    Selling domain with sedo and advertising with Bodis

    Hi, I have put my domain name to sell using Sedo, but for parking ads I have chosen Bodis. I would like to know if there is a risk to be banned by one or both of them ? Thanks in advance.
  9. tushar3

    Method For Driving traffic to your parked domain or website

    Hi, May be you know this method My method is simple to drive traffic to your parked domain or website without much efforts 1:- create a torrent of bunch of wallpapers like only 10 to 20 wallpapers etc and include a text document like download more free or you can watermark those...
  10. B

    Domaining - PPC Accounts Closed or Discounted - Was Making $5k + Monthly

    I built a system a few years ago that I was pretty proud of and was making decent money until one account got closed, they kept the $5700 that I made, and my other account started getting discounted from about $3k monthly to less than $50. In the end I netted about $20k over the course of 3...
  11. G

    Has anyone used Bodis please? They look good, too good + bad reviews on WOT

    I just discovered Bodis web parking and selling - who could be designed to help with my task. Does anyone know them please? Thanks in advance. (They are blacklisted on Web Of Trust). <Mod note> I am giving one URL, not to spam, but to try and initiate a discussion relevant to domains. Surely...
  12. D

    Voodoo Payement Question

    Hello, BHW Last month I registered with Voodoo to park my domains. I was off to an amazing start I made about $1000.00 in the month of September, much better results than expected. Well as you may know voodoo pays on a net 30 basis, and I have my min payout set to $20.00 and direct deposit to...
  13. D

    Domain Parking --VooDoo

    Hello, I had a couple questions as I am new to the site and to domain parking. I have recently decided to just park most of my domains (about 43) with voodoo. After a couple of days parking my domains with them i was pleasantly surprised, but may just be my lack of experience with parking...
  14. mysteriox

    Still Domain Parking profitable?

    Hey, i have some money and i would like to buy around 60 .com domains and put them into TrafficZ, Hotkeys or some other reputable parking network. I dont have experience, so i would like to know if its just buy domains or i have to do some SEO and other things before put them into the parking...
  15. freething

    Best domain parking

    Hello, since adsense for domains is going away, I was wondering if anyone knew of the best company in your opinion that pays you for parking domains. Thanks in advance.
  16. StarkContrast

    Question about Domain Parking

    So I registered 11 new domains (longtail keyword .com only) and am trying to get an account at parked and trafficz, and hotkeys but so far parked has rejected my application. The others are still processing and have been for 2-3 days now. Parked has rejected my application a total of three...
  17. B

    Parking Domains and Direct to Results Links

    I have a number of parked domains as well as several sites with content. I would like to set up keyword links from the content sites to the parked sites. The problem is that if i just link out to the parked domain landing page the user then has to type in the keyword or query. I have figured...
  18. kkvsam

    Need Domain Parking help...

    Actually as a test, I would like to park one of my site on google adsense. At this moment it is rank #3,#1 for on of my keyword. If I park this domain, Am I lost Rankings and PR ? I heard google will not show parked domains in there search results. Is it true? After remove the parking can i...
  19. G

    Domain parking question

    Hello everyone, I've just started parking my domains and earning $$ from it yesterday. I park my domains on namedrive, i just bought one simple .info domain for 2$ from godaddy and setted it up. What can i say, i'm using chinese software to get traffic, it works pretty good, i've...
  20. A

    Domain parking with Black hat

    Which domain parking provider is best for 'turning a blind eye' to black hat seo techniques and ptc and ptp campaigns? Thanks
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