Method For Driving traffic to your parked domain or website

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    May be you know this method

    My method is simple to drive traffic to your parked domain or website without much efforts

    1:- create a torrent of bunch of wallpapers like only 10 to 20 wallpapers etc and include a text document like download more free or you can watermark those wallpapers of your domain name

    2: upload it to torrent sites and rename it yoursite wallpapers collections etc. when someone downloads it he doesn't found huge collection so chances are that maybe he open your text document and visit to your site or before download reading your domain name on torrent file he visits your site.

    3:- The best part is that you don't have to drive traffic or pramote your torrent and if you can just seed your torrent.

    Note:- May Be you receive traffic but clicks on ads... I can't say
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