1. GrishaCool

    Massive product dump via torrent

    Hello everyone! I have a question, I need to make a torrent file and merge it to popular torrent services, how do I do this in bulk? Many services have 2 problems: 1 problem if you have a new account, your distributions do not get into the general list . 2 after a while they will be deleted...
  2. M


    Can anyone please send an invite for IPTorrents. I don't know if someone hacked my account or not but my password is not working. Tried to change password but it won't allow me to without current password -.-
  3. P

    What's the best site private or not for cracked/torrents for software?

  4. LiquidOCELOT

    Looking for a torrent site where i can post torrent to; niche is educational content

    I tried the piratebay, 1337x, rarbg, limetorrents but none work with registration and uploading torrent. People suggested me demonoid but i dont like that website please suggest me a decent torrent website to upload torrent to easily without any issues what so ever. Note: even tried torrentz2...
  5. K

    I need a link from Cgpeers

    Hi everyone, I really appreciate if you could help me to get a torrent link for this course "Dviz – Unreal Engine 5 Course For Archviz" I found it in cgpersia link to course but it needs premium account to download the course. I just need a torrent link from cgpeers. Thanks in advance
  6. C

    I want an 1337x uploader to upload my torrents

    I want an 1337x uploader to upload my torrents I have a lot of torrents want to get seeds . And how much will it cost me ?
  7. wolfofcraigslist

    ISO: Torrent Tracker accounts

    Looking for aged accounts for torrent tracker accounts
  8. S

    Is a torrent website (indexer and tracker) worth it?

    I'm currently setting up a torrent website which indexes every torrent file from every tracker and allows users to upload files with the ability to stream some torrents (in case of movies, shows, anime), is it worth the hassle in the end? Can i actually make money off it by running ads or...
  9. R

    Seedbox Strategies

    I have a question... There are so many private trackers who are providing and uploading thousands of TB movies, songs and other video contents through Seedbox but my question is as Seedbox is not a cheap thing how they manage the costs?! Even a small private site needs more likely $1K for a...
  10. vigyavan

    Torrent Leech invite code!

    As a thank you for all the people in this community. of the best torrent sites left in my opinion is currently accepting free signups with 15gb upload as a starter!! If you use this please respect the community and don't abuse the account. USE this CODE: LETMEIN Use...
  11. caCODEmon

    Need some help on understanding torrent sites

    First and foremost, I really don't know if this is the place to post these kind of threads. I think it's not lol. I'm a beginner in HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, and I want to start a torrent website. I know I should grind some more my skills, but I need to know some stuff like: what should I also learn...
  12. zing75blog

    Torrent Uploader to Gdrive

    Hello, i have a lot torrents more than 6k file (per file 1gb until 2gb) . i need people can download torrent and directly upload to my own gdrive. Please PM me about the rates or question about the project.
  13. Michaeilla

    Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

    Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks 1.AudioBook Bay AudioBook Bay is among the most beloved and trusted torrent sites for audiobooks. 2. My Anonamouse My Anonamouse currently tracks over 35,000 audiobook torrents. 3.The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites for not...
  14. TheKingSlayer

    [FREE] Unblock all torrents - The only Link you need for all your Piracy Needs!!

    Hey guys, Sharing an awesome site which provides a neatly sorted collection of proxies of all the major piracy sites out there...formatted well, so its super user friendly. You can get anything from a picture book to huge applications, games and anything in between(anime, series, movies etc)...
  15. W

    What's the best torrent site for video games?

    Hey everyone what's the best torrent site for downloading video games?
  16. spikespiegel

    Can't find good torrent sites for uploading

    I'm looking for a good torrent site for uploading, so far I haven't found any, as most of them are either with their registrations closed or they have a manual approval system. Please let me know your traffic sources for torrents, it doesn't necessarily need to be torrent websites.
  17. anonpro

    Best Cloud Torrent Services In 2020

    Search it on Google or any Search engine the answer becomes in the 1st is Offcloud. Offcloud's Caching is best with the slowest (which are not Cached) Torrents Download Speed in the World. See Nothing is Unlimited or Free in the World. The limitation could be extended as you need on...
  18. ryuk

    Torrent Uploader Needed

    I need someone to upload torrent file (.torrent) to Piratebay and likewise
  19. Walterwhit

    15gb Torrent download via direct link

    15 GB of free traffic to download and direct torrent link Torrent Lake site Coupon code: STAYHOME
  20. E

    Need Demonoid Invite

    I Need Demonoid Invite Thanks in advnace
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