domain parking

  1. radiumplus

    how to get Domainactive or System1 approved

    Hello BHW members, Recently I want to try domain parking arbitrage, Does anyone know how to get Domainactive approved? Or who has an idle account? My first post, Sincerely hope to get your help
  2. M

    Weird domain / click arbitrage

    Hi, so within the last 2 months I've been getting ads on tiktok daily for something like: buy unsold scooters for 1/10th of the price or work from home for cyber security from your bed. Things like that The ads always lead me to a parking page related to the topic of the ad. Some examples...
  3. Loklush

    Can anyone suggest be best site for domain parking

    Hello, Can anyone suggest me best site for domain parking for tier-1 country. Currently I have around 6-7k traffic per day traffic
  4. S

    Help with identifying the domain parking service

    Hey Guys and Gals, Can someone help me identify which domain parking service this is? This is the link to the Privacy Policy below: Thanks in advance!
  5. LuckyGirl9334

    Parked Domain Making Godaddy bank... How Can I "park it" myself?

    Hi Y'all, I really have a serious question here. I have tons (like about 150 or more) domains, some expired with a bit of ranking, others just clean domains I caught before they expired and whatnot. :anyway: Yeah, I know - why so many domains? Well, #1, I always seem to have a use in mind...
  6. A

    Is anyone able to help me get accepted to I failed twice. Thank you
  7. MightyCreation

    What are domain parking success criteria

    I tried parking domains before and had some mild success but never anything big. Can you make it big in domain parking and what are the criteria?
  8. ibmjango

    350 Domains + JV Partner to Monetize = $$$

    Hello, I am in domain parking business and i buy domains in bulk like 300-500 per batch registration. This JV offer is about 350+ domains which are about to expire in next 2-3 months, So i am looking for Best way to monetize and make some cash before these domains expired. Here are few Ideas i...
  9. xRex

    Domain Parking Service?

    Hello .. I am looking for a domain parking service (such as sedo, PPC / PPS / CPM etc, just pay in WMZ / PM / BTC), would be very nice ware something can
  10. seodude818

    Domain Parking, Making Money With Unused Domains

    Hi all, I have close to 100 unused domains and I want to know what is the best way to monetize them without setting up 100 websites and using adsense. I am registered with Godaddy's domain parking program and as far as I can tell is a non-functioning program. According to Godaddy domain...
  11. Steiner924

    Turn parked domains into minisites w D-PARK PLATINUM??

    It has been clearly explained that if you drive traffic to your parked sites, it's an Adsense violation. So, my question is, why use those ad services? CPA MARKETING can have very profitable payouts, so I'm going to look for advertisers that have a perfect connection to my site name and...
  12. S

    Want to learn the ABC of Domain parking...anyone with a guide

    I desire to learn and know more about domain parking but i have not been able to lay may hands on the best material that will simplify the course(topic) to better. I will appreciate it if anyone knows about any resource or guide i can go through in order to gain mastery of this topic...Cos its a...
  13. puneetas3

    [Help] How to find high traffic parked domains for advertising

    Hi, I need to find a list of parked domains with impressions greater than 10K/day for paid advertising. Is there a way I can search for mistype and parked domains or buy such list anywhere. Niche don't matter. Thanks.
  14. I

    I find keyword with 33000 monthly searches,what to do next? How to monetise it?

    Hi, I registered domain name with exact keyword(s) that has about 33000 monthly searches,and low competition.How to monetize it? My thinking: 1) monetize with Godaddy park cash or sedo parking 2)set up wordpress and monetize with Adsense 3)Sell domain on Flippa? 4)? Any suggestions would be...
  15. A

    How to encrease revenue and generate self clicks on PPC parked wesbites

    Hello everyone. I just want to share with you checked idea of generating more clicks for your parked domain to encrease revenue. You know that on all parking service providers self clicking is banned and you can not click your own domain to generate income and clicks. The parking providers...
  16. P

    Traffic and Click Bot (Domain Parking)

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this online business. I have a few parked domains, can you please suggest some good traffic and click bot which I can use to make a few $$$ online? I am a total noob and I'd appreciate any $$$ generating method that you share. Thank You! :D
  17. P

    Traffic and Click Bot (Domain Parking)

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this online business. I have a few parked domains, can you please suggest some good traffic and click bot which I can use to make a few $$$ online? I am a total noob and I'd appreciate any $$$ generating method that you share. Thank You! :D
  18. R

    Anyone has news of ?

    I have a couple that i parked at trafficz and almost forgot a couple years ago. I recently logged in the account to see i made a whooping 35$ :rofl: but i have no way of redeeming the payment. My account rep does not answer my emails. no return from the contact form on the site. the phone rings...
  19. Mr Rishav

    Domain Parking : How Do They Do IT ??

    I was monitoring some sites on Plugrush ad blocks and found that they are using few domain parking company such as bodis & voodoo and earning by that way & I think they will be making few good bucks I know. I also tried with few domain not by this way like these guys are doing. My traffic...
  20. tushar3

    Method For Driving traffic to your parked domain or website

    Hi, May be you know this method My method is simple to drive traffic to your parked domain or website without much efforts 1:- create a torrent of bunch of wallpapers like only 10 to 20 wallpapers etc and include a text document like download more free or you can watermark those...
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