Parked Domain Making Godaddy bank... How Can I "park it" myself?


Aug 26, 2018
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Hi Y'all,

I really have a serious question here.

I have tons (like about 150 or more) domains, some expired with a bit of ranking, others just clean domains I caught before they expired and whatnot. :anyway:

Yeah, I know - why so many domains? Well, #1, I always seem to have a use in mind for them. #2 I'm not nearly as fast at developing sites as I am with ideas. LOL :eek:

I have quite a few parked with Godaddy (for free) since they actually do pay to park not like Namecheap that just keeps the cash. :devil:

Anyway, I logged into my cash parking today and I see a couple of those parked domains are making Godaddy bank - to the tune of $200 bucks a month, which pays me something like $10.

Now, I guess I'm a bit of a greedy bugger because I been thinking for a long time anyway on how to make a website that lists some of these domains for sale with stats, search volumes, etc and hybridizing it as a bit of parking as well.

Problem is, I'm not too terribly versed in how to do it. I figure that If I could make the site, then list each domain as a page and pull the info into the pages via API's. Maybe???

I know someone will post - "Oh just list them on FLIPPA and get rid of them." Yeah, I know, but FLIPPA is damn expensive, so no.

Any useful suggestions, tools or direction from anyone that has already done this would be amazingly helpful!

Thanks Y'all!

PS - If this has been posted elsewhere please forgive me, I have spent about 2 hours combing through various threads to find answers and not having much luck!