BH Domainers Help Needed! How to Make Money from Branded TLD Which Not Booked Yet?


Jul 7, 2010
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Simply greet! All BHTers,

I do some little keyword research and i found something interesting. I filtered those keywords, since i found official .com site from that keyword is N0. 1 and having a good backlinks and another keyword is available since nobody (adsenser or domainer) are not booking all TLD domain, i was just thinking to make TLDs left to be a good adsense sites.

And then, when i digg more to find a golden keyword. I found one word keywords which is branded names and those keywords having a good searches and CPC in characteristic.

My question to all of you, the Lord of an Honored Majesties are :

  1. I need advice and good suggestion of how making it (Not booked TLDs) to be a sites to earn me some cash.
  2. What things to be interesting offer for those brand names so that they really urgent to buy those TLDs left? How to contact them? Maybe some domainers have a good template to do this perfectly, i will be very truthfully lucky if i have some treat. Heheh.
I appreciate all ideas flowing through, thanks.

Park them at Why Park:)

Take a tour, looks interesting :)

Actually I have 'selling to .com trademark / branded domain owner' as basic idea.
Just want to know, how the effective ways to start this.
Do you think park the domain will be the nice way to do this?
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