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Mar 5, 2010
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Idea for this thread came from here, within BHW.

Seems there is a debate about the importance of the TLD (see wiki for more on top-level domain - i.e. .com, .net) when it comes to creating websites.

If you read the thread from the point above you'll see my stand point on the matter, which is that the TLD has relatively no importance as a determining factor in search results, unless you're talking about local search, in which regional/country domains will generally have an increase in exposure.

Don't get me wrong. A good domain name is important. Think of all those big money domains that you sometimes hear are for sale or domains that would literally be worth millions:


The obvious single product keyword here is golden. Domains are HELLA important! Ah, but there's a problem here, it's 2010, all the good domains are gone. Pretty much, it's hard to pick up a good domain, so what are the alternatives? Check this (this list is not exhaustive): or
The longer tail keyword domains - these work, these can be great. Buy them if you see them. or
Similar to above except with hyphens. Still quite valuable, especially when Bing was slurping those hyphenated suckers up.

Web 2.0 type domains,, etc
Dropping the penultimate letter seemed to be crazy but look at all those funky brand name domains out there now. these can be viable but you might want to build a reputation in a specific niche for this to become widely used.

Alternative TLD usage -,, etc
Using other TLDs is a good way to snag a good domain or two (or several thousand like my portfolio). The importance of a TLD has been questioned of late on BHW (see thread linked at the top of this thread).

The fact of the matter is, a website with the following will be successful:

  1. GOOD and ORIGINAL content
  2. GOOD and RELEVANT inbound links
  3. WIDESPREAD need for the content niche or subject matter
  4. GOOD architecture and design
  5. GOOD site speed
  6. GOOD web services availability
  7. GOOD WH/BH strategy :)

So why would a .com be more valuable than a .info?
The short answer is "it isn't". the Top-Level Domains that you buy are only as good as the content that you put into them.

I create approximately 130 to 150 websites every month for adsense. They are all catering towards microniche and guess what? I have competition on the internet for these niche terms. This also means my competition have a eadstart on me and more often than not have bought the .com. It's ok, I make a good living from other TLDs, and you can do this too.

You can write a bunch of spam on the best keyword domain in the world but it will still be garbage, whereas the .net, .org or .info could be more eloquently laid out with great content and subject matter that people naturally link to.

The only time a TLD is favored more than another is in LOCAL search. A .com may play second fiddle to a search performed with the checkbox ticked for the local region, eg. "search only in the UK, will favor TLDs.

I hope you found the information here somewhat useful. The .info domains are super cheap because of the laws of supply and demand, not because "they suck". You can still buy an 89c (less than a dollar) domain and make money from it.

Thanks for reading.
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Nice information buddy
The value of domain is not only about keyword but also content and traffic.
ok so now that means a or should make no difference as compared to a .com or .net globally
the keyword in the domain name is what matters in search result?
ok so now that means a or should make no difference as compared to a .com or .net globally
the keyword in the domain name is what matters in search result?


- Good content = relevant content

- versus

- Good information websites are authority websites.

I have domains like this:

Other people have domains like this:

My domains have:
  1. good content
  2. good inbound links
  3. good structure for people to read and get to other pages
  4. a framework for natural linking
  5. a team of writers and link builders

Which TLD is better? or (or any other non-major TLD)?
PS. Country specific domains play a BIG part in local and regional search. I use them a lot for people looking for AREA LOCATION services or information.

World Results

Canadian results

Government and .ca domain moves up a position. Also, moves up a spot.

Also, = Beyond the scope of this is how they are managing the two domains and the same sites.

Finally, check the search results.
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