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Sep 4, 2013
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Good afternoon BHW,

Joined the forum to learn and defintely have learned.

My question is one of accounting software specifically designed for Domaining.

Currently we use Quicken for our other businesses and it works quite well, but domaining seems to be a lot more complicate din the ways of tracking.

Does anyone know of a software specializing in domaining? Wanting to track Buy/Sell prices, Yearly Registration costs, Other costs if there are any. My goal would be to treat each domain as a category in itself, i think? Also, tracking if we let a domain go.

Any advice of points to other forum locations would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice one,
You could setup each domain as a cost center in your accounting software, and code expenses/income to that cost center. Reporting would simply then be done by cost center to show you which domains :)

We do a similar thing with our revenue-generating websites, to track expenses and income on a site-by-site basis, except for shared expenses/assets (like PBN's, etc) which get allocated to cost centers according to the ratio with which that cost item benefits from that shared asset.
Because of my company structure, we don't need to comply with GAAP, so we're free to suit ourselves and report (internally) however we like.
I wrote my own....but now I just use the namecheap panel. How complicated can it be, really? It's just a single yearly expense x number of domains.
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