1. Rechi

    Is there an option a private person can write an invoice for me

    Hello So I am making business with a guy which doesn't have a registered company which could write me an invoice for me to take it into accounting. Of course, I want to make everything legal, and without an invoice, I can't take it in accounting. I thought maybe that there is a website out...
  2. T

    Proper tax declaration - How to deal with blackhat services?

    Hey guys, I try to stay in clean in terms of taxes. No off-shore, no weird constructions. Situation: Starting in the blackhat niche I am using / buying services from anonymous parties. Accordingly there is no proper invoice. Question: How you deal with costs of such services in your tax...
  3. R

    Accounting software with paypal sync

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a software to organize my gainings/costs. I'm currently using a simple excel file where I manually add gainings and costs in order to have tracks of how my business is going. Now I'm scaling up and I'm looking for a software that might pick my PayPal transactions and...
  4. Professor Professorson

    Optimizing VAT registration for dropshipping

    Let's say I am dropshipping leather goods from Canada and want to start selling in the UK. The UK has a standard VAT rate of 20%. If I register for VAT in the UK then whenever I sell a briefcase to a UK customer for $100, my UK customers will have to pay an extra $20 in VAT. Belgium on the...
  5. supervitallica

    Registering review items as business expense?

    Hey! I'm running an affiliate site about a niche I like doing in my spare time. When i want to review items, i want to review them myself and write down my experience instead of looking for reviews on the internet. Can i register the item as a business expense? I will be using these items...
  6. SellerDigital1

    How To Make Money ? Servers & Accounts !

    I would like to know your opinion and ways to make money from that's kind of servers & alts 70-100VPS Per Month and Many Accounts ( AWS , AdWords , BingADS , FB Ads , Vultr.. ) What is the best trick for maximize incomes from that kind of spec's :smirk:
  7. supervitallica

    How to satifsy your accountant while doing SEO?

    Hi guys! My situation explained: I'm doing SEO for my sites and i'm paying people to publish a post on their blog. As a business i need to prove to my government where the money went. I need to make an invoice and include the information of the blog owner which include vat, business name and...
  8. rocks11111

    Looking for some wise word on guest posts

    Can some one advise me here for good guest posting sites for accounting and tax niche.
  9. TheNumbersGuy

    As an Internet Marketer, are you Financially organized?

    Hey Guys, Did you know that 50% of startup companies fail within the first 4 years of operating. Lots of these companies fail due to lack of financial organization. Some things to ask yourself: Do I know what my margins are? Am I charging enough for my services/product? Am I spending too...
  10. D

    Bootstrapping Toolkit

    Hey y'all. I have been lurking these forums for a few years, but I rarely post. I think it's about time I contribute something. I have started five businesses in the last four years, four of which are successful. I have learned quite a bit about business from perusing these forums. I wanted to...
  11. T

    What software does everyone use for personal accounting?

    This might be a weird question, but has anyone heard about QuickBooks self-employed? It's supposed to be for the 1099-er to help them manage their business expenses and was wondering if anyone has used this or can provide testimony for if it's worth it. I'm not opposed to the price, just...
  12. D

    Domain Accounting Software

    Good afternoon BHW, Joined the forum to learn and defintely have learned. My question is one of accounting software specifically designed for Domaining. Currently we use Quicken for our other businesses and it works quite well, but domaining seems to be a lot more complicate din the ways of...
  13. mystery

    [Req] Kathryn - Wordpress Accounting Theme

    Hey, anyone can get us this theme? Really cool, practical and responsive theme.... can also go with various offline niches.
  14. M

    Help With Offline Business Logistics

    So I have the service end of my business ready to go, but I'm still struggling with all of the backend stuff. I plan to use freshbooks in combination with Stripe (F PAYPAL) to accept credit card payments and create invoices and what not. First thing is that I'm not sure how I can make quotes for...
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