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May 31, 2021
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The most challenge for every domainer is to evaluate their domain names in perfect range to sell them to end-user. The majority of us set our asking price without checking the demand and other parameters like age, no. of extensions, backlinks, etc. which lead to NO offers for those names. We may ask experience domainers to appraise our names but it would be difficult for them to evaluate each and every domain name.

Here are a few domain name appraisal tools which gives an idea of how much value your domain name will be:


EstiBot is one of the most trusted valuation tools that is appraising over 2 million domains per day. We have seen some end-users compare with Estibot appraisal and they make offers based on it. It will allow 2 FREE lookups per day.

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals:

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals by the world's largest registrar gives you the estimate based on an algorithm using machine learning with real-market sales data compiled from 20+ years of experience. It gives the best accuracy for common English language domain names. You can try it for FREE!


NameWorth's advanced domain appraisals will categorize your domain name into 4 Tiers -

  • Tier 1 (Ultra Premium) - Price range $30k+ belong to top 0.5%
  • Tier 2 (Super Premium) - Price range $10k-$29k, belong to top 1%
  • Tier 3 (High-Value Premium) - Price range $2.5k-$9k, belong to top 5%
  • Tier 4 (Premium) - Price range $500-$2.4k, belong to top 14%

NameWorth supports ".com" TLD estimates only for now and you can try 20 FREE lookups per month.

Sedo Appraisal:

Sedo will evaluate individual domains or portfolios by their experts starting at $99.

Free Valuator:

FreeValuator(dot).com is another FREE appraisal tool for domain and website. This site also provides online web tools:

Alexa Rank Check​
Backlinks Check​
Domain Age Check​
MOZ Rank Check​
Trademark Analyzer​
Facebook Page Worth​
Twitter Username Worth​

They do provide professional domain and website appraisals starting from $69.

Domain Price Checker:

Domain Price Check [pc(dot)domains] is a service provided by InterNetX to estimate the domain name value using 2 million sales data. You can try 15 queries per month per user in their Basic FREE plan.

Epik Appraisal:

Epik provides a fair opinion on your domain names for FREE based on name metrics and similar name sale data. They do provide professional domain appraisals for individual domain names and portfolios starting from $395.


AccurateAppraisals(dot)com appraise .com domain names by getting an independent valuation from three leading domain appraiser/dealers and share you an average price on a signed appraisal certificate. They charge $88 per domain name appraisal.


PeerIdeas(dot)com is a newbie in the market which is a community-run domain name appraisal service. This allows every domainer/user to vote on each domain listed in the platform and calculate the estimated value based on votes. This is FREE to sign up.


CuteStat(dot)com is useful for SEO experts and domainers to know the website stats and valuation. You can try it for FREE.


As per my opinion, these appraisal tools can only give you the approximate value of your domain names based on their algorithm. However you can always keep your asking price above the appraisal value to open room for negotiation with interested parties.

Feel free to share your experience on using appraisal tools..
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