1. M

    Where to buy domains for BH projects?

    So far Njalla, Godaddy and namecheap have suspended my domains, or friends domains, any suggestions for a domain provider for BH projects?
  2. akaseo

    [Guide] DA 70 | Do-Follow Authority Link | Good Parasite | Indexes Too :)

    1. Go to signup here - 2. After signup verify email. 3. Go to accounts to make one - 4. After that write your keyword and choose your subdomain. 5. Then again click on create account button. 6. Then finally...
  3. FrankDG

    Domain with 40k traffic for $1.2K? How is this possible?

    I was looking on various platforms to buy websites and/or domains that have existing traffic. I was looking at Sedo and found a lot of great domains with traffic at cheap prices. For example, the domain name from a legit website about the game Fallout with 40K Ahrefs traffic and 50K pages in...
  4. d11

    How much will it cost to pay for a year for example if I just want to reserve a domain for myself for a future?

    How much will it cost to pay for a year for example if I just want to reserve a domain for myself for a future? I guess its called domain parking, right?
  5. speedie

    Should the content of a redirected website be deleted?

    Hey guys, I have a domain A that I 301 redirected to domain B, and the content of domain A was migrated to domain B. Now that domain B has all the content. Should I simply deindex domain A? OR should I delete the content of domain A? I am asking the SEO guys. This is a matter of how Google...
  6. SecondWorld

    Is the domain name important?

    Hey guys, after thinking about it for a long time, I've decided that I want to start blogging. I already have a few good niches in mind. Now I'm wondering if the domain name matters? Because domains with a good name are almost all gone. What do you say to that? Looking forward to your answers...
  7. J

    Hide fingerprint buying new domain for PBN

    Hi, I found a good domain for PBN. I want to buy it safely. Is it enough to buy it from other domain seller in my country? Or I should care about anything else? Of course hosting will be on another server then my main website.
  8. exec

    Way to appraise & sell domains?

    I have a bunch of domains that GoDaddy themselves appraise at a few thousands of bucks, though they're registered with Having never been in the domains' sales business and not knowing much about it, I'd like to hear your advice as to: - Which services out there provide fair...
  9. A

    Domains b2b email marketing

    I only make money from domains by Inbound sales, I need to try out outbund. looking for an easy sys for that, thing like snov or hunter but more brandble, without lossing focus on finding domain, more importand I need to send 10-20 bro mail from each domain without marked as a spam.
  10. N

    I want to buy fresh adsense with domain approved

    After many rejection, i decided to buy an adsense with approved website, so guy where can i buy it and what to look for to be not scammed. Any help/ideas or someone want to sell.
  11. R

    Do You Like This EMD For Local SEO?
  12. R

    Can anyone give an idea how much this domain worth? Exact match domain.
  13. bigbrojeff

    [Journey] Chaturbate Affiliate Whitelabel RevShare: FREE traffic only + daily statistics

    Hello guys! Before, sorry for my English :) It will soon be exactly a year since I started promoting Chaturbate Revshare but I started getting free traffic seriously recently. I basically chose Chaturbate because on Stripchat I don’t get clicks and impressions at all, although there were...
  14. M

    I have a question about domains.

    Hello,I am trying to buy a good expired domain, and I have a question. I heard that the spam score does not affect Google's ranking. So, does that mean I should just purchase domains that have high DR and UR like in the image below? How much would this domain cost? They have been creating...
  15. Elliot's

    Question about expired domains

    hello, I just bought an expired domain. after I checked the domain was redirected 301 to the gambling website. Is it safe for my money site if I redirect 301 directly to the money site? or do I have to create a website and articles to an expired domain and then redirect to the money site after a...
  16. gencwarrior

    About google domains

    Hi, I bought a domain from Google last night. However, I used a new e-mail address. I don't remember the email address I used. I remember your password and domain. I forgot the e-mail address where I got the domain because I got it from the incognito tab. Is there a way for me to find out this...
  17. seoguysdotae

    Expired Domains Available-Free to Register ONLY .COMs

    Hello, I will be posting .coms free to register at your will if you are lucky to get before someone else. Just a giveaway for such a helpful community. If people are interested, i will keep posting them regularly.
  18. yassineryo

    Questions about Adsense arbitrage, domain and affiliation

    Hi everyone, I'm new to creating websites and online businesses, and I'm about to start my own project: a product affiliate website. I have a few questions before I get started: Should I buy an expired domain, or should I start from scratch? My strategy is to mix affiliate marketing with...
  19. c0copops

    I own,, what should I do with them?

    I recently bought a bunch of .zip domains and was thinking about what to do with them. Could potentially turn them into pretty big Content lockers etc. Anyone have any other cool ideas?
  20. pepekobasa

    Expired Domains with good/high DR ahrefts

    Hello guys, I am looking for a expired domain that has good DR ahrefs rating under: - Jobrecruitment, career recruitment, HR, niche - Essential oils niche Any price will do but I will check of course which offers has a good price and value. Cheers!
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