domain name

  1. Fixgee

    Need Your Opinion About The Domain Name ""

    We are planning to develop a online marketplace for freelance services. And We need your opinion about the domain name. is this name is good for online marketplace for freelance services website? What is your thought about name?
  2. sun dark

    Any One Search For cheap Domain Use this

    Use this website and find the cheapest domain that you looking for you can find also coupon code
  3. survivorghost

    Domain Name Suspension

    Hello guys, I just received a domain name suspension email from my registrar which is Porkbun due to an unexplained policy violation. Are there any suspension-proof domain name registrars? that will not take the domain down regardless of the violation? Thanks
  4. bitvalentine

    Is Domain Hunter Gatherer any good?

    I just saw that they are doing a 50% discount for Black Friday. I'm interested, but realized that you have to download and install on a VPS with proxies. Is it any good? Or are there others online that do similar without having to self host it?
  5. mainceaft

    Does domain name branding still work (specially for mobile users)?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying bulk of domain with well known words on it name. I may use this strategy in Adlt content/affiliates website. So does people still type domain name on address bar and visit it? or they will just google it name if they remember it later.
  6. techbeastzz

    I need free domain name

    I tried everything about free domain name but lots of them expired, so anyone have trick to get a domain name or subdomain Name for free, i want to connect with my blogger account.
  7. speedie

    Should the content of a redirected website be deleted?

    Hey guys, I have a domain A that I 301 redirected to domain B, and the content of domain A was migrated to domain B. Now that domain B has all the content. Should I simply deindex domain A? OR should I delete the content of domain A? I am asking the SEO guys. This is a matter of how Google...
  8. J

    OMG!!! Google Domains to be bought by Squarespace

    Google is getting out of domain business !!!! Squarespace bought Google Domains for $180M Google published a support document that answers a few questions for those affected by the sale. There is no immediate impact on your Google Domains account and there is nothing you need to do at this...
  9. G

    Domains keep getting suspended, Alternative?

    Hello blackhatworld, i have used the search function but did not come to a clear answer. My domains keep getting suspended everytime i reach around 30k traffic a month (forums), i have used namecheap(com) ,shinjiru (cc) & xuid (ru & su). upon checking i found some sketchy forums with .IS...
  10. Fixgee

    47 Free .Com Catchy Domain Name List For Your Business

    Here is the list of few catchy .com domain name for your online presence:
  11. RedditGold

    Appraisal request: authority domain in antivirus / IT security niche

    Upper table is the Moz metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Total Backlinks, Quality Backlings, MozTrust, SpamScore) Lower scores is from Ahrefs. How would you rate it by these metrics only?
  12. X

    I own this domain Name

    Hello everyone I have this domain name i got some offers in squadhelp and namecheap marketplace ( 240$ ; 380$ ) Should I accept ? or wait sometime Thanks
  13. razharov

    5 letter brandable DA58 PA33 .com Domain free to register

    Hey everyone, im registering .com domains, and I found a DA58 PA33 SS3 domain free to be registered. Im not taking it, because it was used in the asian region before, but the backlink profile is kinda empty, and most of them are blogspots, and does not seem like gambling, adult, or Pharma so it...
  14. razharov

    Domain registers who does not steal?

    Hey everyone! For a recent project I'm looking for a domain register where If check a domain, it does not get stealed if its a good find. Any experiences? Thanks
  15. S

    Domain Name suggestions

    I own a domain called dealsharbour dot com after my purchase, someone bought dealharbour dot com(without S in between). Now i am confused about whether I should keep this domain or sell it. Need your advice guys.
  16. sageshark

    [Need Suggestion] - What Shall I Do With These 13+ Yr Old Domain Names?

    I have these 2 domain names those are more than 13 years old. They belong to the medical / health niche and have keywords like 'drugstore' and 'genericpills' in their names. I had registered these domain names in 2009 with the intention of setting up an online pharmacy site. During that period...
  17. kweiss

    How important is it to register the domain in other suffixes / endings?

    In your guy’s opinion, how important is it to register your domain in other domain endings as well and which ones would you chose? Why is it important or does it not matter much at all? I am planning to start a website, a kind of database or index if you like. I am in the process of...
  18. LatestPhoneZone

    Stay Far Away From If You Don't Want To Lose Your Money

    Just to warn some of you that intend using Epik for anything, especially their escrow service. STAY FAR AWAY from this scammers called Epik. I recently completed a website transaction using their escrow service, but up till this moment, this company has refused to pay my money. The customer...
  19. SashaPavelMisha

    So I thought I scored a great domain ... but Ahrefs disagrees ?

    Hi i was checking a wikipedia article, clicked on a link and thus found this domain, maybe someone forgot to pay for it, i don't know, but i bought it for myself. it's some kind of auto tech stuff, internet archive says it has been around since at least 2009, it's a .com domain, and ahrefs ...
  20. DigiMarketBee

    Suggest marketing blog names

    Hi BHWarries, I planned to create a digital marketing blog. Tried many names. But most of the domain names are taken like marketinghook, marketingeagle. Is it good with the combination like marketiceagle marketicbee marketicmagnet I like to create a blog name using the below terms marketing...
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