domain advice

  1. sageshark

    [Need Suggestion] - What Shall I Do With These 13+ Yr Old Domain Names?

    I have these 2 domain names those are more than 13 years old. They belong to the medical / health niche and have keywords like 'drugstore' and 'genericpills' in their names. I had registered these domain names in 2009 with the intention of setting up an online pharmacy site. During that period...
  2. E

    Can an old porn domain site rank nowadays on Google ?

    Hi, I bought a domain, it's a .com 6 letter domain, very nice name, but I'm concerned about its past. In 2018 this domain use to be a porn site from Japan. Question: do you guys think it's worth to invest time and money (backlinks) to build the reputation from ground zero? Is there a good...
  3. H

    Having multiple domains for a porn site - Question

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I was "researching" online and I stumbled upon, and I noticed that they have loads of domains that all end up redirecting users to their paywall on They own a bunch of NSFW domains and SFW ones (SFW for ad purposes I guess)...
  4. Czar777

    Primary Domain and addon domains effect on SEO

    Are primary domains more likely to perform better than addon domains with SEO and Google indexing? If so, what's the expected impact, and the best way to mitigate negative SEO performance from addon domains in a shared hosting packages? Thanks
  5. LamborghiniDreamer

    Flipping domains business idea. Need Advice...

    Hey there black hat family. I have a business idea and wanted yalls opinion. I am thinking about finding local business that do not have their domain names registered, buying it, and selling it to the owner for a profit. My problem is... if they havent bought their domain name already...
  6. Vido900

    Advices for NEW Blog domain name...........

    I'm struggling with a domain name for my blog(general niche, reviews, making money online, etc) . I can't find any good name. All name has already been used or premium. Any advice is much appreciated.
  7. U

    How can I find and buy expired government org domains?

    I have been lately trying to look for a advanced SEO strategy, I've come across one but it requires old expired domains with high authority and good amount of backlinks. and I am not able to find good ones, However, I have come across to a domain as well but it's not government but has high...
  8. bladee4r

    Should I buy this domain?

    Hey guys, found this expired domain for sale. Seems to have a few good keywords and some nice backlinks. DNS history is alright. Should I give it a go?
  9. kurosaki4d

    Should I buy this domain?

    Hello, I found a good domain name that I would like to buy. It has some nice keywords in it (3 short words) It costs $200, but I made sure to do a background check online, it seems it has no content in google, or web archive, and no backlinks. I checked the "DNS history" and it seems that its...
  10. ColdAndDark

    .com or .mx

    I am planning to start a Spanish affiliate blog for some digital products. Mainly I want Mexican traffic. But of course, I wouldn't mind international spanish traffic from US or other spanish speaking countries. My question is: Does .mx domain rank significantly better in Google SERP Mexico...
  11. new_don

    Need Help regarding domain selection

    Hi, I had a website which I have started in 2017 and have it for 1 years and published around 50 articles it was a review domain where we published reviews. I want to start a review website again and should I go for that domain or buy another one will it provide any link juice or like it's an...
  12. A

    If you could buy unlimited .com, .net, .org domain names for free, what would you do?

    Hi, I'm a newb here. I wanted to know how you guys will capitalize on the fact that you can buy any domain name for 100% free & unlimited number of times. And by "any domain name", I mean domain names that have either expired or not have been registered yet (not the domains that are sold on...
  13. domainbuddy_in

    Hello from Sarfraz

    Hey there, I am Sarfraz - a domain name consultant. Nice to e-meet you!
  14. kaudo

    [GET FREE] My Wayback Machine Tools - Search, Site Scanner, Domain Auditor and Bulk Page Text Extractor

    Hi, Gentlemen, The Wayback Machine ( is a great resource of information for every internet archaelogist. I personally, love it and use it intensely and extensively. However, most of you will probably agree with me that WM is not the most user friendly tool in the world. That´s why...
  15. cosmo89

    What would you build on this domain?

    Got this domain recently, i liked it because of its short and meaningful. But i thought it would be good for a Gaming site. What would you build if you had it? (spelt : epic - kly) Meaning - it is when one thing is done very well Looking forward to see some crazy answers. Cosmo
  16. C

    Buying niche specific domains for PBN but they get high spam score after some time

    Hi, So I have noticed a pattern that whenever I buy new EMD (and non-EMD) domains with good ranking potential, they accrue DA, PA and a high spam score out of the blue. Now DA and PA are great (obviously) but unwanted spam score kind of ruins the purpose. I have over 100 domains and only a few...
  17. A

    What You Think About This Domain

    - Today I have come across this expired Domain, I am not sure yet if I want to buy it. So I need your help to decide if It is a good domain? Ahrefs Overview: Referring domains: DA ; PA ; TF ; CF : Domain Age : - What are Your Recommendations, I seem to good to be true?
  18. thesilverhawk619

    A good TLD is very important..?

    Hey, So I have searched for some expiring domains which are on auction, (Thanks to the fellow members for giving this idea) and I have a similar idea but not same, so I want to use the same domain with a different TLD. Is it a bad idea or whether I will be banned or something like that from...
  19. chippox

    Need domain ideas about magazine blog

    Hello everybody i am thinking nowadays i will create a new website about magazine(mostly celebrities).I will follow livingly all magazine news and try to spin articles.I think i found a theme LINK : .But i cant find a domain name which i thought already...
  20. Impressor

    Does GoDaddy use your searches against you?

    This is getting frustrating now. I search Godaddy for some possible domains. Leave. Come back after some mins. The domain's gone. It's unavailable. Happened more than a couple of times. I don't think it's mere coincidence. Ever happened to any of you?
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