Need brand name advice


Mar 4, 2023
Hi guys. I created my brand and name it Hint Cool. many people said it's not a good name. My question is: is it a bad name or a worst name. I don't want to change it cause it has similar pronunciation in my language. But if its an unacceptable name I will drop it.
It doesn't matter if it's a good name or bad name, but it depends on the people's choice. If there are 10% of people who said no, just drop it. On my side, I said it's not a good name, bro.
the great thing about choosing your own brand is that you can pick whatever brand you want / like, no matter what the people think.

Personally, I like how that brand sounds, even though I have no idea what it represents. But it doesn't matter what I like, it matters what you - the owner of the brand - likes. If you feel like that name represents your company perfectly stick with it!
It's not the brand name that matters, it's how you promote it and what you're offering! So if you like the name stick to it.
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