Domain Flipping - Decreasing my Portfolio - Sell "blank" or increase DA, BL etc. before?


Oct 21, 2023
Dear BHW Community,

I'm doing Domain Flipping for a bit of a while. Currently, my portfolio is getting bigger and bigger (no advertising).
In the years before, it was much easier to hand-reg a domain, buy an expired or dropped one, and sell it with profit after a while.

In the last couple of weeks and months, I got literally 0 sales, but still, as a Domain addict, I bought more and more domains, which will stop as of now.
Domain business is getting more challenging since people - I assume - don't want to invest in domains due to the macroeconomic influence.

Nevertheless, I currently have about 300 Domains; I would guess NS1+2 = Sedo, NS3 = DAN, which should also cover the Afternic part.

Approx 50%, 50% of the Domains are Regged at GD & SAV - in the future, I will shift to SAV due to Reg and Renewal costs, but that's a different topic.

  1. What is your experience currently with selling Domains?
  2. Are you optimizing SEO, like adding High-quality Backlinks that are Do-Follow from PNB to increase DA to, let's say, 50 - Side note: Sorry, I'm not really that deep into this topic. Absolute Newbie
  3. How many BLs would you consider?
  4. Is the type of the Domain relevant? I have a random Domain Name from English Dict. and a BL from EDU or GOV with a high DA.
  5. Is it even worth it for a Domain parked at SEDO?
    • What is your experience with it
    • I am currently using the Sales Lander v5 at Sedo

Last Question: Currently, I'm struggling with pricing. Usually, I do my research with Estibot, GD Appraisal, Wayback Machine, and Namesbio.
That's why my new Domains are currently all at Make an Offer (At SEDO):anyway:

I know this is slowing down the Selling process, but this year is pretty hard to Estimate.
If a Domain Name is good or not, that's always what you think - buyers think differently.

I am more than happy to get a bit of support & a nice conversation! :)

Push :)
We have a few 4L Domains, with 0 BL, 0 DA, 0 DR - almost all of them.
Shall I book services before to increase that or keep it empty?
I want to sell an expired domain that I no longer need. I have evaluated some sites such as saw and go daddy and gave me :
saw 700$ and go daddy 100$
Can you tell me how and where to sell it?


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