1. arcbot


    Hello! We are ArcBot and we’re looking for all social media bot developers from all over the world! Why us? ArcBot is an international collaboration of the largest SMM-panels which you’ve definitely heard of. - ArcBot is the opportunity for you to raise $$$ using your software. - The highest...
  2. Iamtheman

    Looking for a website desinger/developer

    Hi there We are looking for a website designer and developer, able to design the website with live animated & illustration images. Note: You must be able to handle design and development. You must Expert in HTML, Wordpress and PHP. I prefer if you have a team Regards
  3. F

    biggest mistake ever

    Cant believe i haven't learnt from my mistakes of trusting companies from india another £800 that wasn't even mine gone down the drain bloody hungry shit heads only out there to rip you off :(. Qtonix has to be the worst company i have ever come across with their lies and bullshit games. they...
  4. Drexson HD

    My Channel just got Approved.

    What are the best ways to grow the Channel? its an Educational Video Channel Mobile Application Designs and How can I earn big from it ?
  5. jani

    Website Developer needed

    Hi Mates, I am looking for a Php Developer who can design as per requirement please pm if intrested. Thanks Jani
  6. N

    Need to hire app developer with web search app

    Need developers to develop a computer app able to search and browse websites you can email me at [email protected] With multiple tabs like Android phones will keep you on team need weekly developers email [email protected] this is to manage my music files FL Studio modeling...
  7. D

    Idea for Snapchat Bot

    Hey BHW, Alright I recently got interested in Snapchat. Here is the scenario Say I make 500 snapchat accounts. And I want to manage all of them using a single tool. I don't want to go through login and logout 1,000 times. What if there was a tool, It ask for your Username & Password for each...
  8. Chris - FB Apps

    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone. My name is Chris , I come from other forum, hearing that BHW is more active and more helpfull . I am also developer, I create FB apps with publish_actions permission and I save user's tokens ...and use them to post/like in user's behalf with scripts that I created. This is my...
  9. T

    Examples of really cool bots?

    Hi, I am a developer, but new to developing bots/spiders. I have successfully developed my own instagram autofollow software, but I am hungry for more fun projects. Do you guys have any examples of fun/challenging bots to build?<br> I will eventually share my github repo for you to learn/look...
  10. D

    How To Promote My OS X Apps For Free?

    I am looking for some effective ways to monetize my free app? Somebody has good suggestions?
  11. dreadpixel

    Looking for an experienced Wordpress developer to delegate several tasks

    Im tired of dealing with scums from Elance that think that hires are stupid. I am a Wordpress developer myself, Ive had several bad experiences with this freelancers because something I can do in 30-40 min they want to quotate for 5-8 hours. Ive tried about 4 people, and I no longer trust that...
  12. Tunenchi

    application developer needed for payment gateways

    simply thinking of making an application which will enable a cell phone user from Tanzania to transfer mobile money to "moneybookers". The main aim is to make it easy for an internet user from within the country to purchase online with no direct use of the credit and debit cards. Due to the...
  13. M

    My client is looking for web designers/developers!!

    Hi Everyone, Excellent News!! My client is looking for web designers/developers to help him build online jewelry store, at this moment He trade?s on eBay but looking to create his own web site. His stock consist of around 2000 different designs which eventually will grow to about 5000. He is...
  14. T

    Wanted Devs/Entrepreneurs to Create Startup from Scratch - No Investment(android,rails,etc

    I'm looking to establish a team of people wanting to be part of a major startup. We will all be working pro-bono to develop a startup idea from scratch. One such idea is Hootsuite + Foursquare Tracker + MailChimp + SMS Blasts for small businesses.. Or it could be as simple as an...
  15. bosmolskate

    Magento Designer & Developer Needed ASAP

    I'm looking for a complete re-design of an e-commerce website (www. vapornation. com) which also needs to be moved from OSCommerce to Magento. We need design and development work for the site only. We want it to mimic www .vapeworld .com except for the middle section of the page. We have...
  16. S

    Hi there!

    Looks like the community here is a good one and there are some people that know their stuff! That's nice to see... appart from the dude I just saw ask what a .rar file is?! I dislike the n00b SEO's joining the industry with zero knowledge in coding, SEO is currently a BUZZ term at the moment...
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