Wanted Devs/Entrepreneurs to Create Startup from Scratch - No Investment(android,rails,etc


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Nov 9, 2008
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I'm looking to establish a team of people wanting to be part of a major startup.

We will all be working pro-bono to develop a startup idea from scratch.

One such idea is Hootsuite + Foursquare Tracker + MailChimp + SMS Blasts for small businesses..

Or it could be as simple as an iphone/android game development workshop.

Ideally we will find 8-12 people willing to devote their time and energy into creating something fun and exciting. Prior startup experience would be great, and web & mobile app development experience is a must!

Short term goals:
- Find 8-12 mastermind members.
- Meet with mastermind to discuss business ideas and come up with the best strategy for the group.
- Begin developing the prototype - Build, Test, Refactor - rinse and repeat.
- Develop the prototype.
- Decide whether to launch on our own, or approach incubators and VCs.
- Bring complete solution to market.

Technologies interested in: HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Java, Ruby/Rails, Jquery, Android, Iphone, etc...

I posted this on another forum, and had a few nibbles, but here are some questions that were asked:

#1: Semi interested. What kind of time commitment are we talking about?

Answer: - time commitment would be casual to start off, meet over im/chatroom maybe once a week. Each person would work on the project and programming aspects via github, or svn - probably git. If it picks up steam once we have a solid product/service developed and gets some traction (think Foursquare a year ago), then the time constraints will probably be more as we will need to meet more to discuss the business and monetization strategies.

#2: Any contract to ensure the work won't be done for nothing...?

Answer: - There will be NDA contracts so that everything discussed in the masterminds is not shared. If you share an idea and we do not use it, it will remain your idea, and another member of the team will be forbidden by contract to basically steal your idea and profit from it. We will also work out a formal method of determining each member's stake in the company.

It will be something along the lines of a share per line of code, or hours invested. Then we will further have positions when we incorporate ie:CEO, VPs, etc - each position will gain a certain number of shares on hire, ie CEO would get maybe 100,000 stock options, All the VPs would get 75,000, and Project managers would get 50,000 --this would be a bonus on top of the shares already earned for coding.

Also when we are making money, or gaining investors, the founders will get some of that spread around as their salary.

If you're interested - please fill out this quick google Form so I know what technologies and skills you can bring to the table:

Dude, not to piss on your idea, but this is really a money making forum, where people want to engage in stuff where they see the possibility of a positive return awaiting them in a matter of days or weeks.

That's not to say that you're not going to find anyone on here who's looking for long term options, such as an acquisition or merger of a company that they have a share in, but the vast majority of people here are focused on quick cash, or profits that aren't based on investing an awful lot of time in something that's true potential can only be recognized in the future when enough traction is gained.

If you've got ideas on the table that call for development with profitability being pretty much from the get go, I think you'd find a lot more interested parties, hell, I might even be interested. But with it's current prospects, the idea isn't all that inviting.

So my suggestions are;

1) Find ideas that call for development with profitability being essentially from the start e.g. a collaborative team that puts together applications for large clients, a web-application that will be useful for a specific industry that doesn't require mass user count to be profitable such as a CMS specifically for lawyers/accountants or some SEO software for internet marketers.

2) Find a way that applicants can devote a percentage of their time to this project, as well as a percentage to "instant" money making schemes. I see that you've put time commitments down to "casual" such as meeting once a week, however the development needed certainly won't be done during that once a week Skype/other IM client session. If you gave an idea of the hours of development needed from each party, that would be a good idea, however as I understand it you're idea isn't that set in stone yet, hence why you might want to apply suggestion 1.

Also, I think a share per line of code is retarded, something that's picked up on in a biography on Bill Gates. IBM basically said "we're paying you more than our own dev team, yet your producing less code", or something along the lines of that. However, he was shortening his code as much as possible, thus there were less lines, doing the same thing.

For example, I can create variable containing a regex, then call upon that variable to validate an email. Or I can just use the filter_var function, with the second parameter being FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you do. I'll be interested in keeping watch on this start-up :).

EDIT: Noticed that PHP wasn't listed under technological skills, nor was Ruby (mind you you've got rails, but you have both javascript and jQuery which are similar in respect to their relationship as rails and ruby). Might want to add those two :p.
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Well not to give away the whole kitten-caboodle. One of my ideas involves creating a social media monitoring hub, where people can basically schedule Tweets, FB msgs, Emails /Autoresponder similar to MailChimp, and TextMsgs to their SMS subscribers, Charge like $59 / month for the service, hire some sales people to hit the major metros, and it could be pretty profitable.

I want a team of people who have similar or even better ideas that we can feed off of and start a legitimate company, already have a few nibbles via Twitter, Linkedin, and DP. I'm a Novice-Intermediate Rails Developer but have owned my own business before(Pizzeria), and am in school majoring in Business Admin, and Software Dev.
Alright, well, I could be interested, I'll fill in the form and see where it goes from there.
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