1. Bozuyuk

    a little motivation

    i'm leaving a motivational word, if everyone left one, it might be useful for someone A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb.
  2. Veil123

    ★Codevix★ - Professional Website Solutions! ★★★★★

  3. L

    I need Help in Rss Feed

    I want to find Free Rss Feeds for a keyword only from usa excluding google , alerts Can some one suggest me any best free tools for this Thank You
  4. L

    Need help in domain

    Hello i want to buy a doamin for digital agency in sweden can some one please help me in this and suggest me few names please Thank You
  5. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Re-designing and developing a child theme for Wordpress blog

    Hi all! I have a blog I'd like re-designed, it was built using Elementor, and now I'd like to convert it from elementor to gutenberg, re-designing it with a fast, mobile first & rich schema markup outlook in mind. I don't need a custom nulled theme, but to create a child theme so I could still...
  6. L1ckMyDorr1to

    WordPress Programmer needed

    A strong WordPress programmer is required to develop a theme for a website, which would be fast, responsive, look good and have templates & custom blocks developed with Gutenberg. also rich schema markup is required to be included.
  7. erinyes

    [Journey] - Snap Me Hard Bot

    Hi guys, So for the past few years I've been running in stealth mode on this forum. My background is in software/bot development, CPA and OF. I've decided to start this thread, to have a record of the progress, document every bottleneck I might encounter along the way and overall to keep me...
  8. H

    Hiring Software Dev

    I have a fully developed "Wireframe" in "Adobe wireframe" but i need the UI/UX design and the full backend coding. I am an experienced clothing and product manufacture and I have noticed so many failures and lack of care in the current software solutions for people in my industry. I have...
  9. R

    A severe keyword drop on Semrush and GSC

    I had my WordPress hacked, a (Chinese) guy created a lot of fake pages for me! And I reacted directly to reboot my WordPress for the backdoor, it's clear and the Chinese pages are in 410 so I'm good! Except now I'm falling on SEMrush and I don't understand why at all.. My website...
  10. M

    IonCube Decoding help

    The owner of a webscript I bought about 1.5 years ago stopped the sale of the script and my unlimited license was wasted, since I have file access, I recovered the files, but is there anyone who can decrypt all the encrypted files for me?
  11. E

    [Journey] To Make My First Website Using WordPress Challenges And Expectations...…

    Hi, I have to developed a website using WordPress. Website belongs to very low grade institution in India named Udaan 100 Experts. They want a website to promote their institution they need to create his online presence and need to search in their local area. journeys Website is around 40-70...
  12. Windnfire

    Creative Studio is Looking for Experts - Devs & Marketing

    Hi there, We're looking for high-level experts to join our team. We got 40+ in-house specialists: Metaverse Creator from BAYC, Senior 3 D designers, Growth Hacking Experts. Strong Team with 2 years of experience in crypto. More fun being partners than competitors, isn't it?! Budget: from...
  13. Johnik

    [JV] Do you need a Developer?

    I am a full-stack developer looking for new projects I can work on. Till now I primarily worked on my own products/projects and I'd like to expand a bit. Do you have a proven method to make money but you lack the technical skills to do so? I can take care of all the technical aspects of the...
  14. S

    [LOOKING FOR:] Frontend, Python, PHP/Wordpress and DevOps Developers - needed for multiple projects!

    Hi I'm Steve! I'm looking for developers that fit one or more of the following descriptions for multiple projects. Frontend developer: Short work description: • Creating/building the frontend for WebApps, both website and the dashboard/admin/user panels. Specific knowledge about: - Html -...
  15. davidbuttler

    What is the future of android app development companies?

    Market Need of Android Apps According to market sophistication, the need for android app development is huge. The market giants like Amazon, eBay, Etc focus on building a user-friendly mobile app for android and iOS users. More than 60% of users have android phones. People tend to use mobile...
  16. Nihilism

    WordPress Website Optimization: Mobile + Desktop UX

    Looking for someone to help me touch up my website, fix margins/padding, fine details, buttons, animations, making it pixel perfect for all users. Please have good WordPress knowledge, and be free to work hand in hand with me, not looking for this work to take days, it's pretty simple stuff, if...
  17. xHolyy

    [Journey] Development of a Blackhat Cloacker

    As first, Hi to everyone! I start this thread because I want to share my Journey about developing a own Blackhat Cloacker. Since my 12th age (11 years back already) I am programming various of tools for my own, I was always active as affiliate marketeer but I used in the past different tools...
  18. bigblobz

    [Journey] Game Account Generator From Scratch - Dev To IM

    Hi all, I thought I’d document my journey building a game account generator site from scratch, development (front & back end) to the IM side. The site will have a free game hack type tier and a selection of premium accounts. Weapons of choice - ASP Core MVC 3.1/ C# & SQL Server. Admin panel...
  19. The Block Box

    The BlockBox is now part of the Black Hat World

    Hi, guys. Welcome to my first post. Yay! I’ve been lurking from the shadows on this blog for at least three years. Since I’ve learned so much from this wonderful community, I thought it was finally time to pop up and say hello. I’m a developer for the Blockbox, and I usually deal with mobile...
  20. Fxgima

    {Help} Woocommerce Platform

    Hi there, I’ve come across a problem where my client has different shipping rates for different towns/cities. I have tried the postcode, but the problem is that some towns share the same postcode, but have 2 different shipping rates. Has anyone discovered a way around this at all?
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