1. WhizBee

    $500 off on Venture Roof. It was #1 Product of the day. Get Sales Guide, Startup Brain, 20K+ Investors, 7K+ Advisors and 500+ Accelerators.

    From ProductHunt Page - Venture Roof is a resource pack for entrepreneurs, founders and startups enthusiasts which comes with: Sales Guide, knowledge base from 0 to reach $1M ARR Startup Brain, huge Mindmap about everything 20K+ Investors in...
  2. T

    4 marketing patterns that stood out when redoing 700 startups Websites

    Julian Shapiro has helped probably 700 startups redo their websites. There's this Twitter thread where he wrote the 4 marketing patterns that stood out for him This is powerful stuff guys you do not want to miss this Source:
  3. N

    [Whitepaper] Content research and writing for 20-25 Page report

    Hi there, how much would a 20-25 page report cost to research and write? Please see the attached file for the brief. Also, does the brief make sense? is it enough info in order for someone to get started? Reply here or DM. Thanks
  4. HelloBTCMINER

    Consumer startups are dead. Long live consumer startups.

    Mobile users are so savvy and product fluent these days that they are comfortable using multiple services simultaneously. The average mobile user: 1.Is active on nearly 3 social networking services 2.Has over 4 shopping apps installed on their phone 3.Communicates on 2 messaging apps...
  5. theIMMachine

    How to outreach to these angel list startups?

    So this brings me here with a question on how to generate leads from this massive data gold mine.[]=1624-California,+US One of my clients wanted to reach out to some startups who are into, let's say AI - Data mining with their services which would be...
  6. KHR

    When You're Isolated, Have Only "One Computer and Internet Connection" What You Will Do?

    The title says all... You can do anything you want. This is nothing but sharing your wish.
  7. jacob-marian

    Don't you think clone scripts are in demand?

    It had been long since there begun start-ups in developed countries, and now started being visible in developing countries also. Start-ups are spread all over today. Did you know start-ups could be done with clone scripts? Let’s together see what a clone script can do? We see a lot of websites...
  8. S

    A look into Mobile Marketing

    Mobiles' unique attributes have allowed it to become the ‘great connector’, linking all the other mass media that went before. At one level, mobile is at the centre of our new multi-screen world (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV and games console). At the other end of the spectrum, mobile blurs the...
  9. B

    How you could use 10,000 real people

    Hi bhw folks, Here is a hypothetical question for you; You have a company or service and you have 10,000 real people willing to do a small online task to help you promote or create brand awareness. What do you have them do?
  10. NProductions

    I am Going To be the Next Ebay , alibaba , B2B Industry KING.

    Just Want to Share The Feelings i have right now.. I have IDEA that is greater then INDIA & Better THan United States & Bigger Then This EARTH. How Do i start ? Got the DOMAIN already , Concept Inside the Core of my brain .. How Do i start THis Project ? Help Me Fellows , May be i Can HOLD...
  11. C

    16-18 Girls for Startup Adult Website?

    Would any of you sign up for a website at $9 - $12 per month if the website had only a number of 16-18 girls on it? (Quantity, not age). I know it's a tough industry, and I'm not even sure if I would sign up, but I wanted to see what you guys would think. Would it depend on how hot the girls are...
  12. D

    Bootstrapping Toolkit

    Hey y'all. I have been lurking these forums for a few years, but I rarely post. I think it's about time I contribute something. I have started five businesses in the last four years, four of which are successful. I have learned quite a bit about business from perusing these forums. I wanted to...
  13. V

    My journey to raising 1 billion in venture capital funding

    Hello everyone, Some of you may find this subject interesting... Please do not ask what my startup is or what my product does, i will not be sharing any details about my business. For this very first post I will provide a brief introduction to who I am and what my mission is. Fist and...
  14. R

    My intro

    Good evening all, My name is Manolis Sfinarolakis. Since last night when I found this site, I probably have spent a good 10 hours on it trying to make sense of all the amazing information in the forums. The community here is informative and collaborative, and I hope to also contribute to the...
  15. 1

    How do I employ people?

    Blackhatworld is a great forum to earn money, but my parents and family don't just understand the whole Internet Marketing thing. I'm from India, and my parents still believe in earning the traditional way. So, even though I'm able to make a good income off Internet Marketing, I don't know what...
  16. G

    I have $1,000, what now?

    Well I got an old tax return back that was stuck in the system from '09 and have an extra $1,000 to use somewhere. I don't have anything up right now as far as websites or anything but I'm a web developer so making killer websites hasn't ever been an issue, so that's a plus. What I'm basically...
  17. T

    Wanted Devs/Entrepreneurs to Create Startup from Scratch - No Investment(android,rails,etc

    I'm looking to establish a team of people wanting to be part of a major startup. We will all be working pro-bono to develop a startup idea from scratch. One such idea is Hootsuite + Foursquare Tracker + MailChimp + SMS Blasts for small businesses.. Or it could be as simple as an...
  18. M

    Whatup from a White Hatter

    Hey all, I currently work at a legit online startup and manage a few blogs and websites. My background is more of the marketing / seo / content production side rather than technical but I can dabble in that as well. Looking forward to learning from everyone on here as I look to launch a few...
  19. A

    Calling all blackhatters from S'pore!

    Hello! I was wondering if any guys from Singapore wants to set up an online seo company or have experience in this line. I'm just trying to find out the feasability of this venture. If not,I'm also trying to gather a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in forming an...
  20. T

    Plz help me with autoblog

    Hi guys! Well i studied lot of tricks and tweaks about this site to make money online.. Well after seeing so many ways to earn,i though it would rather be good to stick to one particular method. So as of now i have decided to go for autoblog..and it sounded good to me.. I actually setup a...
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