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A look into Mobile Marketing

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sumaia, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. sumaia

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    Jan 12, 2017
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    Mobiles' unique attributes have allowed it to become the
    ‘great connector’, linking all the other mass media that went before.
    At one level, mobile is at the centre of our new multi-screen world
    (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV and games console). At the other end of the
    spectrum, mobile blurs the boundaries and bridges the gaps to unite
    our physical and digital worlds.

    Mobile in this new and expanded role enables more immersive
    experiences, paves the way for new marketing approaches and opens up
    more opportunities for brands and marketers to influence and engage
    consumers every step of their daily journey. How to build towards this transformation and how your company can benefit from a strategy
    that makes every moment mobile?

    Mobile is well established as our constant and personal
    companion, a position that makes mobile “simply the greatest persuasive
    technology device ever invented.” People depend on their phones to manage their lives, interact with companies and brands, conduct commerce, transfer money and even pray. From researching products, to conducting transactions, to sharing a product review
    with their social network, people rely on their mobile devices to access advice
    and make the right decisions.

    Our addiction level to the mobile phone is so intense that the average person
    looks at their mobile phone 150 times per day.

    This means the opportunity to engage with consumers happens 150 distinct times per day — or more. That’s once every 6.5 minutes of every waking hour.

    With that said, do you think mobile marketing is of importance? Is your business mobile
    ready? If not, would you consider taking the steps?

    Would like to know your thoughts.