1. N

    Ways to make money on mobile?,

    Hey how could I make money on mobile I want to earn money even I want to make max 5 euro a day. Hopefully u guys could help me.
  2. conexur

    FAN (Facebook audience network) is dead

    It seems that FAN (Facebook audience network) has not been working well for some time, they take a long time to validate apps, some do not validate them, others are deleted, in short, it seems that they are no longer interested in compete with Admob. I have a lot of requests (200k daily) to...
  3. E

    How to make money on mobile?

    Hey I'm not old enough to get a job hoe could I make money on phone please let me know. Thanks.
  4. L

    Need help in domain

    Hello i want to buy a doamin for digital agency in sweden can some one please help me in this and suggest me few names please Thank You
  5. Mankar Camoran

    Making money with wallpaper apps on play store (not a crazy amount just 165 $ in february)

    hello this is my first sharing here , befor starting i want to thank any one here who are sharing methods and helping people . if you are from a third world countery like me and dont have any capital to start any real business but you have time to spend you may consider this methode . i dindt...
  6. Outc@st

    Landing Page Layout for Mobile PPC Campaigns

    What layout do you all use for your mobile PPC campaigns. I know the CTA button should be above the fold, so that doesn't leave a lot of room. Which of these two layouts do you usually use... Layout One: Headline Text CTA Button or... Layout Two: Headline Image CTA Button This is only for...
  7. U

    Tiktok PC & Mobile Proxy

    hey guys, I decided to just use my PC for the videos, proxy on iPhone seems impossible Quick question, would you suggest static residential IPs or mobile ones (even though im using a desktop) ? I have a residential IP but I dont know if someone has abused that IP on Tiktok and dont want to...
  8. tazarbm

    is it possible to get hover effects on mobile devices?

    Hey guys! I have a (seemingly retarded) question, but I choose to be considered retarded in this regard but find out a definitive answer to this question than not asking it but continuously regretting it moving forward, so please answer this if you know the answer... Can I make it possible...
  9. I Am Batman

    Where can I get the list of all app's name publish in Google Play or App Store?

    Hi, I want the list of all app's name published in Google Play or App Store? I need it for my websites. Is there any API or website has this database? Really appreciate it if you could help me.
  10. goldieczr

    Starting a mobile proxy business - what does it take?

    After a couple months of coming across this subject and some talking with people in this domain, I have decided to learn more about this field in hopes that I start a proxy business. I have access to basically unlimited SIM cards which I can recharge with $6/month (28 days). This will offer me...
  11. YoloRO

    [Question] Spamming mobile phone numbers

    Hello, I have a new business open and I would need to "attack" a little competition by spamming calls and/or messages to some phone numbers in Europe. Is there any way to do this? Any advice or would be a great help. Thank you in advance!

    Mobile subscriptions: get your profit with easy leads

    We’ve published a number of articles on mVas offers, but we know that some newbies still have doubts on whether to try them out. So we present a new full guide on how to work with mVas: from choosing the offers (flows, billings, operators) to choosing a traffic source and creatives for working...

    Anyone working with mobile subscriptions?

    Hey guys? Do you work with mobile subscriptions? Why/why not?
  14. G

    Making Money Off Mobile Games

    me and some friends started making games with the hope of leaving our slave jobs the route were trying to go is making a bunch of profitable enough hypercasual mobile games to allow us to quit our jobs and start working on bigger projects. is anyone here doing this? how prifitable is it? do you...
  15. majid051

    My website doesnt rank on Mobile

    Hi, I have a serious problem. My website is a Pet blog that ranks for a lot of keywords on Google but the problem is my website doesn't rank on Mobiles. When I search every day my keywords are ranked just in desktop Google. I don't have any problem with mobile-friendly and the Search console...
  16. A

    Money making mobile/web app ideas

    I am a programmer. I can develop mobile or web apps. Are there any good money making mobile or web app ideas ? I have already tried creating small apps. But they did not give me at least 5USD per month. I am from Sri Lanka and our country is in crisis these days. I'm not trying to become rich...

    CPI: why TOP affiliates work with it

    With networking and talking to lots of experts in the field we've singled out the following trends: (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and...
  18. Alpha_Store

    We are Mobile Development team for Affiliate Marketing

    Hello, we are here to help users with their questions about mobile apps, make threads about actual situation with mobile apps on market and help people to improve their results. :)

    ADLEADPRO - CPA network with 5k+ in-House & Exclusive MVAS | MOBILE CONTENT | SWEEPSTAKES | CPI | NUTRA | FINANCE

    Hi there, BlackHatWorld! We're so glad to introduce to you our Affiliate Network! We are ADLEADPRO, an affiliate network with over 5000+ exclusive offers (including in-house offers) from all over the world. And when we say “exclusive” we mean “exclusive” - offers that you won’t find easily by...