1. NaiveKid

    Need Ideas on how to make money in crypto with mother-child/Mass DM marketing model ?

    So, ive set up 100+ accounts each on TikTok / Instagram / Twitter/Reddit . Managed to create an operational infrastructure for now by evading captchas /bans on the majority of my accounts . The thing is im having difficulties making it in the crypto niche due to the insane competition ,bot...
  2. Propulseio

    Hey BlackHatWorld community !

    Hey BlackHatWorld community, I'm thrilled to join this dynamic forum, coming from a background steeped in crypto and investment. Transitioning into the realm of online businesses, I bring a skill set as a web developer and graphic designer. While I've mastered the art of creating engaging...
  3. malikmajmudar

    Journey to making $1000 per day in revenue with LosPollos dating cpa. Already achieved $200 day !

    First of a let me introduce my self. I start earning considerable about of money online with adult tube industry. It made me and still making me good amount of money to be considered rich in where i live :) So as usual when it comes to money the sky is ur limit. So i though to invest the money i...
  4. bhw_post.png


  5. reggie777

    My SaaS + Your Leads & Appointment Setting

    Looking for someone with experience generating targeted leads and booking appointments/demos for my SaaS (social media management). 20% commission for 1st year of each new account. PM me if you're interested & can show experience driving results.
  6. HetFlexing

    Hi BHW

    My name is HF. i do organic marketing!
  7. V

    OnlyFans Management Journey

    Hello everyone, this's my first post here I'm going to keep my diary here talking about my achievements and failures (which is just as important) in the OFM realm. I started getting interested not too long ago and got my first model in September, we started working around mid September and it...
  8. B

    TruthSocial Bot

    Looking for someone who can create me program for auto comments likes on truth social to be connected with multiples accounts to be ready to like, target comments if someone is interested please dm me! thanks
  9. W

    New AI Auto posting software automatize link building process unlimited times

    I recently discovery in a Telegram group a software that combines what RankerX/MoneyRobot softwares can do with a auto posting interface with AI. It can auto post in different type of websites, forums, communities sites providing a result, similar to services like some known link building...
  10. TheMadOwl

    VA/Marketing expert to execute multiple tasks in the adult niche

    Hi, I'm looking for a VA with a decent background in marketing or a full-on marketing expert to take a few tasks off my hands for an adult SaaS, the tasks are to be done in a monthly cycle, the tasks range between just simple account creations and moderation and a bit more advanced like reach...
  11. TheMadOwl

    Looking for someone with experience in NSFW and adult content marketing

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone with enough experience bringing in real results in the adult industry, the content isn't OF so we need someone who can generate and get us daily, premium adult traffic ( not interested in spammy backlinks). we prefer social traffic but if you have other...
  12. J

    WhatsApp Green tick - Where to publish articles to be eligible for GREEN TICK?

    Hello EVERYONE, The company is in real estate. Facebook business verified + WhatsApp API solution is purchased + Online presence is what they lack. - So please anyone who knows about it comment below. You can mention related people or leave the link for useful websites. Thank you all in...
  13. G

    OnlyFans Traffic

    Me and my partner want to start an OnlyFans agency, and have been doing a ton of research The one thing we think we will struggle with is traffic Can someone help us get traffic? Instagram, Tik Tik, Twitter, Reddit, Google Ads Whatever it is, please message us We are open to all offers, and...
  14. StarKrypt

    SaaS Business: Startup Cost, General Internet Marketing Strategies, Top SaaS business niche + White Label SaaS

    Hi BlackHatWorld Forum Viewers! I'm StarKrypt, Let's move through the introduction (you can skip this)! # SaaS Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. Common examples are email, calendaring, and office tools (such as Microsoft...
  15. X

    Struggling with OnlyFans

    Hi everyone, I've recently started my journey with OFM and signed a model. The first 2 weeks were going great, leads coming and subbing to OF, subs were messaging me and buying PPV content, I made around 600$. However, it all stopped in one day and I'm struggling to get one to two subs not...
  16. S

    Is there any solution besides backlink-ing using guest posting right now ?

    i got a new domain to use, but my domain disappeared soon after google update. Right now, im lil confuse whether using biolinks or web 2.0 for backlink. any suggest ?? Thanks - im just a new seo practioner here -
  17. M

    How do I get more people on my site and get them to convert?

    Hi Frens, It has been a few months since I launched my SMM Panel. I am trying to get people to come across my site and convert. I have gotten a few signups and very minimal conversions. I have posted about my panel on the most poplar forums and have discussed it in a few communities, yet still...
  18. R

    Onlyfans Marketing

    Hi there! I’m an OnlyFans model and I’m looking for people to start a long term partnership with regarding marketing my OF account. I will be doing my own marketing but looking for ways to branch out and grow faster. I would prefer not to do a one time fee payment rather I would pay per fan...
  19. buildandbuild

    If you had lots of time free and a half-decent budget - What route would you take?

    If you had all day free, and lets say 5-6 figures of budget to start marketing, what avenue do you think is best? I am hearing more and more that SEO is getting difficult with all the google updates, and it is very time consuming. Using the finance vertical as an example, is google/fb/native...
  20. W


    Title says it all, we're looking to send our mass messages across every social media platform possible. ADD DISCORD ---> tmt7155 please only add me if you have experience
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