1. K

    Looking for someone that can make bots for fake views, subscribers, and likes on YouTube

    Looking for someone that can make a program or something that will generate fake live viewers or subscribers and likes
  2. Milklogs

    Need someone to make a Hayday bot

    Hey so I’ve seen a ton of people selling Hayday accounts that or Botted or something. I’m pretty sure it’s a bot doing the work so if you have info on this and can make a bot let me know!!
  3. V

    LOOKING to buy a Twitch farming drops bot

    I want the bot to be able to claim drops for me and in order for it to keep getting me the drops each account should be in a diff browser I believe If its possible too to connect mutliple twitch accounts to 1 certain steam/epic games
  4. treelancer

    My coding skill + your idea

    I am good in coding. If you have an idea and need a coder to code it, I'd love to hear from you and turn it into a joint venture. I am a full stack developer and I have already coded some of the following bots in past: Youtube Views: not worker since 1 year. TikTok: Created this long back. I...
  5. OpenSauce

    [JV] My coding skills + Your Idea ⭐️

    I really enjoy coding, but my marketing work doesn't not involve a lot of it. If you have an idea, an ongoing project or just need something coded I'd love to hear from you and turn it into a joined venture. I am a full stack developer, but my strong points are: Python programs NodeJS programs...
  6. GeniusProxy

    Tinder bot

    Hello I'm looking for a Tinder bot with the next features (and more if you have more) : •Accounts creation •Swiping •Using mobile proxies •Verify your accounts with your model poses •Multiple accounts Please let me know your price. If you have bot without some of the features I ask for let...
  7. M

    Coder for Product Grabber and import in dropshipping shops, good and fair payment, long time work ,

    Looking for Coding Services, programmed in python or similiar language good usable for small grabbing/scraping scripts. Payment is fair and work is not one time, we looking for long time work for multiple people! Please write me in Skype or Telegram telegram: @lonlyhands skype...

    Need some help coding

    Hey so im trying to make two Browser automation Studio scripts. and the first is done getting links. But the other one that goes to a website to download it but i cant seem to find out how to save the files. can anyone please help me.
  9. W

    Need coder to make Antibot script

    Please read: I need a Antibot script built: Features: - Creates a folder where you can put your website files and that folder is protected by antibots. - country blocking feature (only allow certain country IPs) - block bot by ISP - block bit by proxy - block bot by user agent - Google...
  10. Tristin_Davies

    What is the best way to learn coding for free?

    What is the best free course or method to efficiently learn coding?
  11. P


    Looking for a Snapchat bot that will add a lot of people with different accounts and will send them videos and chats
  12. ciphercipher1

    [JV] I am looking for a developer partner

    I have some experience in coding myself, but for my project I would need someone with better experience. I will share my idea with you and what I have came up for so far. Please only serious people message me
  13. TheToolbox

    [Coding] Scraping and Automation Service

    The purpos of this service You need data to scrape? Or you want to automate certain work steps? You do not have time to complete the task manually? Is it too expensive to let someone else do the work like virtual assistants? How i solve your problem I help you to get some of the best solution...
  14. WillBeCoder

    Free web based tools for BHW are coming soon. Any suggestions?

    You know I have a programming journey, click here and check it out. I've started to develop some useful web based helpful simple tools for the BHW community, and I will share it soon. Do you have any tool suggestions? Just suggest and I will try to develop it. This is just a start, we'll...
  15. customgear

    This helps?

    Hey, is my ecommerce store and I recently created a blog to link the two. I do not know the internet that well but that will help correct? Also fuc*ed up coding, top line of background is f*cked up. Does anyone know how or what to look at to fix it, it is in the coding. Thank you...
  16. Adult-HTML

    AdultHTML: A Reliable Web Development Partner For Your Business

    AdultHTML is an EU-based company specialized in providing design & coding services to adult businesses worldwide. Our team of 20+ well-skilled frontend / backend developers and web designers works with big well-established companies, independent webmasters, and newcomers aspiring to be industry...
  17. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  18. ProfKieft

    Hello World/BHW

    I'm a developer with a bachelor's degree in CS and a graduated from General Assembly Full Stack Bootcamp in NYC. I'm not interested in simply renting myself to the highest bidder on the market - which is what getting a job is. I believe we are all meant to live meaningful lives free from...
  19. giftedstan

    Seeking for Advice

    Hi Fellow BHW members, I have some problems, I am very confident in writing Python/Django and a few js frameworks, but I'm a Nigerian and local jobs here pays very less, by less I mean a mid level Dev earning $100 per month, so I can't go for them, please comment suggestions on how I can get...
  20. R

    [JV] My coding skills + your ideas

    I'm a coder with several years of experience in Python and JavaScript looking to join mainly projects that already work or great ideas I will take care of the technical parts of the projects meanwhile you can focus on other stuff such as marketing I have developed before ,tinder,Reddit...
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