Magento Designer & Developer Needed ASAP


Jul 27, 2010
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I'm looking for a complete re-design of an e-commerce website (www. vapornation. com) which also needs to be moved from OSCommerce to Magento. We need design and development work for the site only. We want it to mimic www .vapeworld .com except for the middle section of the page. We have approximately 500 products and will need the home page created, category page created, sub category page (if needed), product page, and page to insert articles and other content such as return policy, shipping and handling, etc.

The site also needs to be integration with newsletter, Shipping Software, Merchant Account, QuickBooks, rewards points, shopper coupons, etc. We want to have Mailing list (announcement only) This is what you use to send out announcements or email newsletters, Site search engine, Message board or forum, Shopping cart, Merchant account, etc.

What would the costs and time frame for a project such as this?
I'm definitely interested if it's still available.

I work under CNI Media.

If you can reply or pm if it is still available, i'll go through it all and give you an estimate.
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If you're still looking for a dev, drop me a PM whenever you can with your Skype ID.
I know a team that has been doing magento (design & core dev) since last 6 years
and are super awesome. I can get you in contact...
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