1. M0805

    ✅ Graphics Design | Thread Design | Signature | Logo | Banner | Thumbnail and more! ✅

  2. starseo78

    Professional and Creative Logo | Banner Design Service Only for $6

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  3. Zwicke

    Progression Depression? Focus? Priorities?

    Hey my friends.. Despite my introduction post, this is my first real post, most likely in the wrong forum, therefore @mods: feel free to move this thread to any location you think it fits better. i'm 35, living in mid europe, father of 2 small mini me and have decent allround knowledge about...
  4. Diodane

    How important is design in terms of SEO?

    As I understand it, it's mostly about things like scalability and using lightweight images. But are there any other factors in page design that would directly affect search engine rankings. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  5. whosvato

    Custom website logo creation

    Hello, As thread states, I’m looking for someone who would be able to design a custom website logo for the top footer. Following requirements are; Custom logo from scratch, must be unique Eye catching Website and niche related Must contain icon with websites name beside it Website colors...
  6. LiamJoy

    Can trust be designed?

    I've found that I form my opinion of a certain company not from the text, but from the design and the way this information is expressed. What do you think comes first, the design or the content?
  7. jolev25

    (Asking For Help) Interior Designer Struguling To Sell My Services

    Hello I've been here for a while side hustling some of the methods in the forum to make some extra cash. Now i reached i point in my life where I have qualitiies and qualification to work on somthing that im good at but i strugle to find customers I have some expirience with Facebook ads so I...
  8. M

    Webdesigner / UX Designer / UI Designer / Figma expert wanted

    Looking for a frontend designer who is good with understanding how to make eye popping UX for the web. The designer should be able to conceptualise user requirements and produce whole pages, or sections in figma. Skills we are looking for are.. 1. Have very good working understanding of...
  9. Jonah T

    Become WordPress Expert in one month.

    Hi, you can become an expert in WordPress if you invest your time honestly to learn its concept. I have learned from YouTube a lot, and you can get lots of knowledge from there. And also try to learn from expert which is good experience in this field. I have tried this method 1. I followed...
  10. TheMightiestFurher

    How to make a forum like BHW?

    I don't know much about making forum, can someone guide me? BHW uses xenforo, Pixeledit Right. So which will be the best for a budget friendly full of features forum? Also what do you use( if any)?
  11. L

    A new member is here

    Hello, guys i hope you're doing well. i'm a leather craftman and graphic designer i hope to be someone who can help you as member and improve the community Have a good days guys
  12. S

    Where to promote graphic design Affiliate Links? Ready to pay up to 5K IMMEDIATELY!

    Hello guys, I have been working with different referral programs on Graphic Design websites for months now and I want New Channels for my affiliate links to promote/share them. Please if anyone knows a good service that can provide me good audience & profits let me know. Or even if you have...
  13. D

    I am looking for a developer / coder / designer for a cryptocurrency exchange platform / We also buy finished pages

    Hello BHW Forum! I have been working in this field for a long time and am looking for a developer / coder / designer for a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is about coding the platform. The developer is free to build the site in wordpress and code the actual exchange feature himself or to...
  14. cauebampi

    BHW, I'm finally here!

    I have been working with digital marketing for companies and product launches for over 7 years. I'm here to learn, since a lot of information comes late for us here in Brazil. I intend to contribute with what I know and optimize my results by interacting with you. I'm looking for content about...
  15. G

    How do I create a "branding collage"?

    Is there any program that quickly transfers a design (or designs) to something like these? You can see the attached pictures, thanks for the help. Regards, gotkom
  16. shafideaf

    Need Create Clickbank Review or Clickbank sale page Design?

    Hey, I have domain name and hosting and i need Need Create Clickbank Review or Clickbank sale page Design?
  17. seomaggic

    [ Giveaway ] We Offering 5 Free Logo Design [ Come first take first ]

    Offering 5 Free Logo Design to the first 5 members, First 5 members could be selected who post first, Note : Dont send me PM, I message to the first five post !! Come first take first, Thanks
  18. B

    Iam in need of a full corporate design

    Hello there, for a customer i need a corporate design. She does already have a website which might help for orientation. You do not need to know how to create a website or flyer, as iam doing that already. But you need to be creative and know about colors, as i do not. :) The design should...
  19. Game of Squid


    not only you get inspired but you can even export the designs that you find to .SVG format, then you can import them to any software. this website has a ton of free power point, google slide templates you can download or get inspired from.