1. king_thing

    Make you Logo Design - I need for My portfolio - First 20

    Hi guys, first 20 who dm me with details for the logo will get logo for free so that i can fillup my portfolio. Thank you and looking forward to make you great Designs
  2. Panther28

    Any Freepik Contributors?

    Do you make designs for Freepik? I just spent a month getting my first 10 ready, and now I am waiting on approval. Are any other designers here banking from clipart uploads? I'm planning on uploading to another 2 large sites that are clipart-focused too.
  3. Social media designs

    Social media designs

    Social media designs
  4. Corporate Identity

    Corporate Identity

    Corporate Identity
  5. Discounts.jpg Discounts.jpg Sample Work
  6. D

    Photoshop or Canva?

    What is better for designing Photoshop or Canva? I would like to know
  7. korosho

    Hiring: Shopify Ecommerce Product Specialist

    We are on the lookout for a talented individual skilled in ecommerce product optimization for our Shopify store. The ideal candidate should be proficient in transforming generic product images from AliExpress into high-quality, branded visuals that resonate with our target audience...
  8. tylero

    Is it just me or the golden version of blackhatworld better?

    Who else thinks the new version of blackhatworld would look great with gold color?
  9. giveitlegs

    Looking for photoshop expert / hotel / travel / image manipulation talent

    Hey, have a client looking for a photoshop / image manipulation work mainly for hotel images, roomtypes, common areas, outdoor/indoor attraction, background/foreground cleanup, item removal, - basically making the images look pro level. Have a decent monthly retainer budget for the right person...
  10. Shawerma

    Buying WordPress plugins for cheap from vendors here in BHW, is this safe for my website? or my site can be taken down?

    Buying WordPress plugins for cheap from vendors here in BHW, is this safe for my website? or my site can be taken down?
  11. B

    What would you do if you would need money today?

    Hey guys, i was working for agencies for about 20 years as subcontractor doing design and websites and similar shit. I know a shitload of things about this field... design, web, funnels, animations, aida and shit.... but... i was working for agencies in my country and wages...
  12. DorothyAdavis

    Ready-made Designs

    Do you know any stores that sell ready-made template design?
  13. Abyssal Walker

    Hey BHW! Newbie here

    I'm a Brand Builder and Designer, Also, proficient in Instagram marketing. Excited to connect and share thoughts with you all! ❤️‍
  14. Shawerma

    [Word Press] Looking for someone to build a website shop for me, my budget 1000$

    I am looking for someone who can build me a site for Reddit services: 1- Someone who can handle SEO pages 2- Someone who can do the shop with API integrations 3- Sign up / database / woocomerace 3- WordPress plugins/ themes to make this cheaper for us 4- Website design and a lot more will be...
  15. edindesign

    I will design you professional design for your social media or any site

    Hi guys, I want to boost my portfolio and will provide professional banner / cover / poster for any social media or site. Shoot me pm.
  16. Propulseio

    Hey BlackHatWorld community !

    Hey BlackHatWorld community, I'm thrilled to join this dynamic forum, coming from a background steeped in crypto and investment. Transitioning into the realm of online businesses, I bring a skill set as a web developer and graphic designer. While I've mastered the art of creating engaging...
  17. J


    Hi guys, I’m Jax. I have a load of experience in business strategy, internal corporate strategies, data center development, real estate development, cost effective business plans, and more. I have a deep love for business and I have been apart of a handful of successful enterprise stories. I...
  18. cosmo89

    Will Elementor disappear as a standalone plugin?

    Hello all, As we all know Elementor is most popular page builder in the industry right now, with huge market share, low price and regular upgrades, they did grow into become a giant. Recently, i came across a tweet, in future Elementor will disappear as a standalone plugin, go into their own...
  19. Panama Management

    Wanting to make a tube site

    Hey guys I'm trying to start my own tube site. I got the domain, hosting and everything else ready except for the web design. I want the layout to look a bit like this site. ( anyone know a easy way to make this. I'm totally new to WP so maybe this is a bit out of my...
  20. Y

    Need Designer for Discord server icon

    I need a designer for my discord server icon. It needs to be in gif format. I may also need a few other things designed also. Only respond if you are good at designing. I've been on this site a long time. Please respect me by not being a noob lel Thanks Yahni Ysrayl P.S. ah yea. Add me on...
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