1. LisaMIM

    Magento Developer Wanted

    We are creating a new website to sell products. Features include: * about 20 products * United States sales tax integration with Vertex (we have nexus in all 50 states) * Fulfillment process to process orders * Templated design * integration with Wells Fargo ( * Export sales to csv...
  2. creativemaster

    Exclusive all in one wordpress, shopify, magento, and other ecommerce service with end to end web development in afforda...

    PM Me for Portfolio As Per Your Requirement Mail, sufiyankhatri[email protected] Discord, sufi_198#8285 Skype, sufiyan.smart1
  3. Y

    hello from austin tech

    hi there! joined to get lots of help with growth hacking and lead gen my focus is high volume shopify/magento/bigcommerce merchants selling 500-5000 orders per day (5 days in a week)
  4. zeffer111

    Can I drop .html extension? Kill ranking?

    I'm about to start moving my e-commerce site (been around for 10+ years with good ranking) from Magento to woocommerce. All of the pages on my old site end with .html but with the default configuration on woocommerce there is no extension. Will my ranking get killed if all of my new pages have...
  5. T

    The Ultimate Guide to Magento SEO

    This new guide covers everything you need to know if you're thinking about building a new eCommerce store in Magento Open Source or migrating an existing one to Magento. Source:
  6. Andrew2019

    I can send over 500,000 messages to people who use Magento. How to monetize?

    Hello everyone. I need an advice I can send over 500,000 messages to people who use Magento. But I have a problem, I do not know what to offer them. Perhaps there are people here who have ideas? What do people who use Magento need? What kind of service do they need? I am ready for any...
  7. AndrewJohnson

    Magento Aliexpress Dropshipping

    Hi, Looking for people who using magento based store for dropshipping via Aliexpress. Need to test module which will import good from Aliexpress to your website, fullfilment, price updater and many more will come. Will giveaway full module to store owners for free once finish development...
  8. Cashback

    I need Magento Web Designer

    I have magento and products are set and content. The designer must rearange the content to make it more landing page. Pm with skype.
  9. D

    Can't get rid of Magento ?limit=all URLs in Google Index

    Hi Guys, I wonder if somebody has encountered the problem with limit=all URLs indexation on Magento site and was able to fix it. I have a Magento website that has more than 30 categories and most of these categories appear in Google index with ?limit=all parameter. - I have...
  10. G

    Google crawler / Bot for Magento websites

    Who can help me with a bot that can do the following: 1. crawl Google and find Magento CMS sites in a specific country . 2. if found, than check which Magento version the site is using, 3. than you check if the Magento site is outdated 4. check which security patches these sites need 5. if the...
  11. amazzy

    Magento on-page SEO, and Adwords help (hourly or flat)

    Looking for someone with fairly extensive Magento SEO experience to help audit an existing (fairly new) website. Currently our main problem is a large number of 404 errors in WMT due to a layered navigation change we had to make, but we are experiencing a drop in google shopping traffic which I...
  12. D

    Can Magento Handle it ?

    I would like to add millions of products in it, what should be my server requirement ? Any advice on how Magento is different than any other platforms ?
  13. N

    looking for SEO-Expert for Magento eCommerce optimization in the Frankfurt Germany area

    We look for a white hat SEO-Expert for a mid-sized Magento shop (ca. 100000 products). The shop is online and making money, but it underperforms. There are lots of technical extras involved which make optimization a challenging task. We look for a real expert and will cast candidates face to...
  14. D

    Change from XTCModified to Magento - Rankings?

    Hey guys, I´m currently ranked very well with an XTCModified Shop but think about changing to Magento. Of course I´m going to lose all rankings because the URLs will change from XTCModified to Magento, but how are my chances of ranking the new shop? Will Google pick the new URLs up quickly...
  15. SEOWhat

    Looking for Magento expert

    I have one magento project and need 1 freelancer to complete it. The project involves some design changes but also adding few extra options for front end users. Please send me you previous magento work and recommendations if you have any, Skype contact ID and then we can discuss project details...
  16. D

    Looking for someone to create backdoor link bot

    I need a bot to automatically create backdoor links for certain shopify/magento sites. Obviously this would be 2 bots (at least) since it is different platforms. What is a backdoor link? - A backdoor link is a link that lets you cart a product before it is released or even create a link to...
  17. B

    A Beneficial Magento Extension For On-time Delivery Processes

    In this fast paced world customers don?t want to wait for their ordered packages for long times. They want order delivered when they are at their premises rather than waiting for it or package being handed over to neighbors. In the current e-commerce scenario customer must stay satisfied to...
  18. D

    is this even possible ? would be magical..

    Hey i want to import content in bulk. I have content arranged in this way. 1.Title 2.Category (it should be shown there for navigation help, so that visitors can find other related things) 3.Content is there anyway i can import accordingly. Magento can do this ? or any other ?
  19. O

    Magento Article Content Re-writer (spinner)

    Is anyone aware of Magento Article Content Re-writer (spinner),plenty of wordpress etc spinners. Would like to spin product pages thanks in advance
  20. harshmarsh

    Need Web designer Urgent! who knows magento

    Hi Champs, I am looking for magento theme designer who knows scss and grid based on urgent basis. kindly reply with your hourly rates. SVN knowledge would be plus point.
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