Looking for an experienced Wordpress developer to delegate several tasks


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Jul 27, 2010
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Im tired of dealing with scums from Elance that think that hires are stupid.
I am a Wordpress developer myself, Ive had several bad experiences with this freelancers because something I can do in 30-40 min they want to quotate for 5-8 hours. Ive tried about 4 people, and I no longer trust that.
Since Ive been investing so much time in BHW im up to hire people here rather than Elance or Odesk.

I need honest developers, time wasters just shut it down and dont post, continue navigating.
If you finish quick tasks I have more and more tasks, so if you want work you will have it for a long time as long as you know what you do, you are experienced and work fast.

PM with your hourly rate or I can assign tasks an you quotate a fixed price for them.
I will create a Skype group where I will be posting tasks and you will have to make an offer, this competition will augment the compromise.
Freelancers Not Give Much Interest in your Job. If you Really have Good Budget & want to Hire Real Coders the CodeMongoose can Help, They have BST here & I believe Most People Trust Indianbill007 including myself.
Already in your skype list Rodvan let me know what changes you are looking for .
Pm sent. Hit me up on Skype: i_m_mrblue
Just added you! :)
Added you on skype let's discussed. Skype: leo_webexpert
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