1. uncleroger

    HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! (Seeking Assistance to Register Rakuten Affiliate in Japan and Explore Alternative Solutions)

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I have been exploring the possibility of registering for Rakuten Affiliate on japan (, but unfortunately, it seems that only Japanese individuals are eligible for the program. As a non-Japanese resident, I am facing certain...
  2. H


    Hi, I am looking for SEA / SEO Freelancers / Agencies to sell your products on the French Market. I am looking for people with case studies and testimonials + price , so i can check your work and create some commercials arguments to sell your products. Do no hesitate to reply, i will...
  3. SocialBunny

    Hiring Video Editors (ad creation), $400 weekly

    As the title says - I am in need of a good video editor (needs to create eye catching advertisements for ig/fb). Please leave your telegram / skype handle below. Requirements: - provide me with 2 ads that will rank Average/Above Average on Meta; every week - that's it.
  4. Streamingdegen

    Lookin for a DEV to build a TikTok (and/or) Instagram bot

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Instagram or TikTok bot that can do the following: - Mass create Accounts - It should be able to handle at least 100k accounts - Post Tiktoks (or storys and reels for IG) The most important part: The bot needs to be able to add music to the content with the...
  5. chollebhature


    Introducing UpworkLeadsBot, solution to uncover private contact information from Upwork job postings, all completely free of charge. It is designed to help freelancers and professionals by providing them with valuable insights about the recruiters directly from Upwork. Using the information...
  6. chollebhature

    I have a lot of potential clients contact data, how do I use it now?

    I am a freelancer and have been freelancing for a few years now. I recently found out a way to get my hands on the personal data of clients on Upwork looking for freelancers. I want to use that data to advertise my services to them outside Upwork or use it to build trust and get more clients...
  7. pordoz

    How to find people?

    Please tell me where I can find drops(people) for registration and verification of freelance accounts?
  8. P

    Hiring Forex and Crypto Ads specialist in cloaking, google ads and facebook

    We are loooking for a talented individual who can manage our Forex and Crypto advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook using cloaking methods. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of experience in running successful advertising campaigns in these industries, with a proven track...
  9. commercial

    Looking for leads B2B USA - Very selective criterias

    Some of our customers need leads, It is difficult to be excellent in all areas. We want to surround ourselves with freelancers to accompany our growth. We will test your service on one first operation, with 50 leads $50 Wanted: - Meet very selective criteria ( more info by PM). - Contact...
  10. J

    Realtors Leads

    Looking for someone that can get me Leads of Real Estate Agents in the US/UK Including Name, Email, Website (if available), and State. Either for % as Affiliate or fair Rate.
  11. R

    A Quick Question For Freelance Writers And Content Creators

    As an aspiring freelance writer, I seek advice from active freelancers on their approach to getting writing gigs. Writing is my only skill, and I've been exhausted looking for freelance work for the past few months, I've spent a lot of time sending out proposals but to no avail. Despite...
  12. Z

    Best Skills to make money online 2023?

    Hello guys, My goal isn't crazy just 1500 : 2500 $ / month . I can dedicate 6 : 12 months to learn a skill (part-time while working a full time job). What are the best skills that can fit my goals and my free time? A brief about me: - I work as an Engineer in the oil & gas industry...
  13. lilkrito

    Help me pick my future freelancing skill (I'm lost between all the skills)

    I'm looking to start to learn a freelance skill that is easy to learn don't need a high PC (I have an HP laptop 470G 16Ram Corei9), and this skill can make money through freelancing within 6-Months after learning, and can make me at least 300$ a month:) !!!!BUT!!!!! There's a problem that I...
  14. Samuel Atkinson

    26K+ Earned Freelance Accounts For Sale

    Hi, Dear BHW Community! Today I am presenting my life chaning virtual stuff to the BHW Marketplace. I have earned $26K+ already from these freelance accounts, today for sale. The accounts aged are 8 to 5 Years Old. As I required urgent money for my life and living. It was expected $15K but for...
  15. duckyplain

    Looking for backlinks fom Autorithy domains in Anime niche

    Hey there! I'm looking for high authority backlinks to boost our anime website's domain authority. If you have a website related to anime, manga, or otaku culture and are interested in collaborating with us, let's chat! Open to guest posting, link exchanges...
  16. W

    Gambling Traffic Source

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an agency or person that can do high volume PPC. It could be through FB, Google, Traffic networks. We are an online casino dedicated for the Indian market only, and our target is to get more sign up's/deposits trough the above mention method. We can discuss more...
  17. kurosaki4d

    What is the cost of Proofreaders?

    Hi Everyone, I'm about to hire a new "Editor/Proofreader/Formatter" in a technical niche. I'm wondering how much do Editors charge per word? NOTE: Keep in mind that I already have reviewers that check some core elements written by the writers. So there aren't that many mistakes in the...
  18. G

    I want to buy real Trustpilot Reviews

    Hello, Im looking for a reliable vendor from whom I can buy bulk trustpilot reviews (4/5 star). You can hit me up at my email [email protected]
  19. wantviews

    White-hat freelancer question that isn't asked too much.

    So i'm all set to start proper freelancing. I do understnad HTML and CSS mostly, learning JS in my spare time to be Smort. Rn still going to use Elementor for 15-20 clients because it gives me that initial boost of confidence (lotta info online, wild functionality, templates). Then will...
  20. GrowthCheetah

    They told me to do this

    Hey everyone, I'm just another digital marketer that evetnually went a bit blackhat. So basically, I've got 5+ years of experience in several industries. Started off as Frontend Dev, after 1 year of working as Junior it wasn't working for me - I wasn't productive on only one project, ADHD or...