1. rocksgabbar

    HIRING - SEO Freelancer For Multiple Projects (300$ to 1,000$ Per Project)

    I have 5-6 ongoing projects and am looking for an experienced SEO freelancer with at least 2-4 years of experience in Greyhat SEO. I don't want to use completely white hat or black hat techniques, but rather operate within the risk-free grey zone. I'm ready to pay a monthly charge for each...
  2. V

    What kind of digital products should I sell ?

    Hello everyone ! I have a lot of skills in automation, scraping, bots, design, SEA etc.... I am wasting my time and money searching for clients for my freelance business, and freelancing is still not viable full-time. Do you have any ideas for products I could sell instead to generate a fixed...
  3. M

    Seeking Skilled Developer for Project Collaboration

    Hi everyone, I'm a freelancer currently overloaded with projects and facing tight deadlines. I'm looking to outsource some work and preferably collaborate with a developer who can work alongside me. The projects involve: Automation scripts (Python/Node.js, Selenium, some APIs) Website...
  4. A

    Lf New Ways to Earn Money Onlin

    I'm new here. I tried a couple of things to make money online, such as creating a manga reading website (I'm having problems with SEO), where I earned nothing. I also tried freelancing, where I earned some, but didn't succeed much. Recently, I tried uploading a fraction of my huge collection of...
  5. L

    Freelancing without experience?

    How could I go freelance online with no work experience before? I have some personal projects but nothing too professional. And the market is highly competitive these days. Even if I ask for nearly nothing for my work, there are people doing it for cheaper and way more experience than me...
  6. A

    Hire a Freelancer(good pay)

    We are recruiting frilancer (good pay). There is free training, knowledgeable and understanding mentors. If you are interested in the offer, write to tg: @managerremma
  7. 1

    Adult content uploader

    I am looking for someone to upload 30 vids a day with my watermark on it. You should find vids and re upload it with my watermark on it. So I am looking for someone who have scripts/bots for this job and who can upload that content easily (automate the process). Dm for more info, only serious...
  8. B

    I cant use the internet according to my abilities

    Hello guys im newbie here. Also i don't have "perfect English" . I can make many writing mistakes but you will understand what i mean Anyway, i've been Electronic Music Producer for 9 years. Im also mixing&mastering and sound engineer. Im trying to work as a freelancer online but i can't earn...
  9. Salman.Ahmed

    Suggest VA skillsets that can earn me $500-$1k a month

    I want your guys suggestion of VA skillsets that can bag me $500-$1k from a single client. I'm aware of GHL, Hubspot, Zendesk, Klaviyo, ecom VA, and general admin VA. I'm looking for skillset suggestions where learning curve is not high and I can get a job under a month.
  10. Alpha-Legion

    How to find potential SEO clients ?

    Hello there I was wondering how to find websites that has posted 50 - 100 pages / articles but don't get much or any trafic. In fact, I know two methods : 1) Reverse engineering tools like Ahrefs and Semrush by manipulating filters 2) Searching for some keywords, and looking for websites on...
  11. Geth_Prime

    2016 = $0 > 2024 = $5000

    Took me a while to get here. Note that this is just per project. Not making $5000MRR (those are crazy numbers TBH)
  12. T

    if I have no passion into a specific field, what I can learn that have better opportunity ?

    I wanna learn a skill for freelance or make a business what are some skill I can learn which have better opportunity since have no specific passion
  13. rocksgabbar

    Urgent Freelance Project - Character Animator / Motion Graphics Editor Needed

    I'm in search of a skilled character and motion graphics animator who can emulate the style of Mr. Bean for a 1-2 minute advertisement project for a brand. If you're experienced in this area, feel free to reach out.
  14. Alpha-Legion

    Working as a SEO freelance for big companies

    Hello everybody Hope you're fine My question is simple : how can one freelance work with big companies ? Until that day, I work for small or really small businesses that always have a slim budget to do SEO. I've tried to do outreach on Twitter / Linkedin but it failed. I consider launching...
  15. S

    I Need a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Reddit Lead Generation and Sales Outreach

    I need a VA to get my business leads on Reddit, leads meaning getting people on my Free Consultation call. I am looking to pay hourly, a $15 bonus per appointment booked, as well as another $20 if I close the client. We build websites for Pressure Washing businesses, mainly start-ups. In this...
  16. bbrokeaf

    Vet A Freelancer

    We have the hire a freelancer section but i thought it would be nice if we also had a section where you post a freelancer’s username and ask for people’s past experience. Maybe it can be called “Vet A Freelancer”
  17. D

    Making money with coding skills.

    Hello everyone, I've been coding python for a year but I've never work as a freelancer. I want to get my first freelance job but I don't know how to do that with only python knowledge. Probably my python knowledge is still not enough for that but at least I want to learn which skills, libraries...
  18. R

    Get paid for posting content on Reddit.

    Get paid for posting content on Reddit. I am currently hiring people who have aged Reddit accounts who can simply copy/paste content that we send you to specific subreddits. From 5 posts per day. Entry requirements: Aged Reddit account (2 months and over) Karma [15-20+] DM me to apply and...
  19. C

    OnlyFans creator seeking quality ROI via freelance mass DM services and strategization (Reddit Twitter Tinder etc)

    Hi everyone, I've been watching this forum for some time. I'm not interested in purchasing software or tools myself, but rather to work with someone who offers mass DM services and also has enough expertise in the OnlyFans space to strategize about the best-performing strategies to maximize...
  20. martial-eagle

    Is buying a Fiverr review on BHW risky or safe? Will Fiverr detect this?

    I am thinking of buying a Fiverr review to boost my Fiverr profile. Just curious if maybe it is a risk for my account. Any tips or if anyone has experience doing this?
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