1. py5918

    "Has anyone used AI for website building? Which ones are currently well-received? Can you share your experiences?"

    "Has anyone used AI for website building? Which ones are currently well-received? Can you share your experiences?"
  2. py5918

    "Have you ever used autoblogging.ai? I have a few questions.

    "Have you ever used autoblogging.ai? I have a few questions. It can generate hundreds of AI articles in 10 minutes. If I post these hundreds of articles all at once to my website, will Google consider it a violation? Has anyone tried this before? If this is not a good practice, how many posts...
  3. S

    Buying WordPress plugins for cheap from vendors here in BHW, is this safe for my website? or my site can be taken down?

    Buying WordPress plugins for cheap from vendors here in BHW, is this safe for my website? or my site can be taken down?
  4. Danishazizi

    Bulk product file for Wordpress Dropshipping!

    Hello, Does anyone know if there are any sites where we can buy bulk product files (csv, xml) (10K+ aliexpress products) for dropshipping?
  5. Panther28

    Does anyone have good programming experience for best practices with Themeforest HTML/WordPress theme uploads?

    I've finished a theme, and I would be grateful to anyone who maybe sells themeforest themes there already. What are the best practises, for both a HTML, and then a WP theme? Should I name all my javascript functions, with plugin_name_business_name_function_name, to avoid conflicts (something...

    Need Help with Selling Digital Product on WooComerce

    I am running an e-commerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce. I am selling a digital product consisting of unique usernames and passwords, which should be delivered via email to the customer after purchase. However, even after the product is downloaded by the buyer, it remains available...
  7. Rank zone


    Refund Policy: due to the nature of the service, no refunds are provided once we start. If you have any questions feel free to contact us: Contact Details, SKYPE : https://join.skype.com/invite/uJ2sU0RLiEbI Email : [email protected] Telegram : @Rankingzone
  8. SEO Zone

    1 Free Review Copy for WordPress Website development

    Hi, I am giving free review copy for WordPress Website development for my thread approval. Here is my TOP-TIRE package, Upto 30 pages Premium Theme Responsive Design Newsletter Integration Social Media Integrations Speed Optimiztion Opt in form E-commerce Integrations Up...
  9. B

    I lost all the traffic from my website - What's the problem?

    Hello, I've a news website it's about anime, manga and stuff (In spanish). I created the website on Aug 2023. I started gaining a lot of traffic immediately something i didn't expect for a new news website (200 to 4000 impressions and clicks) but since Sep 2023 the website started going down...
  10. hideath

    [Guide] Speed up your Wordpress website with Redis + Free Nulled Plugin

    There are a ton of guides shared here in BHW covering everything you need to do to speed up your wordpress website, I won't be creating another duplicate thread with the same information, With this guide, you'll learn how to use Redis in your WP website to get even faster loading speed & cache...
  11. tdtemo

    Adsense Approval: Low Value Content - How to Fix 9s Average Engagement Time? [please help]

    My new WordPress site was declined during the AdSense approval process, and the reason was low-value content. At this moment, the site has around 25 articles, and I'm planning to add more. However, I'm afraid that the reason for the decline is the low average engagement time (from analytics)...

    Need help! For creating Marketplace WordPress Site for Games.

    I want to create a website like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer type. What Functionality exactly I need. User can interact with each other like fiverr chat system before placing the order + User can upload his/her services on platform as well as account he want sell. 1. Services here means : For...
  13. L

    Email Marketing through mailchimp

    Hello i have a list of emails and i want to send emails to those list through mail chimp or any other good website if can you suggest i need some guide please from where to start
  14. S

    Display products together with posts on latest post section + reference posts in products

    Hello, do you know a plugin, theme or a way how I can automatically show in the latest post section the associated products of the post automatically next to it, so the user doesn't have to click on the post first to see the used/shown products there? Also I would need the posts where the...
  15. Orozuz

    Best wp plugin for ai content

    Hey What wordpress plugin do you recommend to generate ai content, using openai api? I'm not a fan of saas for stuff like this, I rather use a plugin with the api. Ideally bulk articles generation, not only single article. Thanks.
  16. T

    Seeking Advice on Setting Up Shared Hosting Services

    Hello everyone, I'm venturing into the realm of shared hosting services and find myself at the initial stages, seeking guidance from this knowledgeable community. My plan involves utilizing an Amazon server to host multiple WordPress instances, with each customer having specific service...
  17. V

    How do I create a list-type layout in WordPress?(Example photo attached)

    Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate it if you could introduce a plugin that can create a list like this! I thought it was basically a page builder plugin, but it's hard to find :( Please introduce a similar plugin :)
  18. unsungwarrior

    Looking for a WordPress designer/developer!

    I am looking for someone who can help me with fixing/creating/modifying wordpress websites as well as landing pages (that not only look great but also convert). This includes theme customization, plugin tweaking, and ensuring everything runs smoothly and securely. Proficiency in HTML, CSS...
  19. L

    Need Help in email Marketing

    I have copied a big list of emails from websites now i will to send my marketing email to those emails can some one please suggest me which website is good and which other tools i need Thank You
  20. A

    Need ideas on how to get clients for IT services

    Hello. Maybe someone can share their experience, how can I get more clients for IT services? I'm a website developer (WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel), mainly doing websites for companies of e-shops. Also, I do some marketing stuff, like UGC video creation, social media marketing, etc. I have...
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