bing indexing

  1. A

    Looking for some who helps me indexing my sites at BING | Solid Budget

    I have never had any problems getting my pages indexed quickly at BING. But I've been having problems with it for a few weeks now and I don't have the time to take care of it. It's about several blogs and landing pages with a new domain and without any backlinks so far. Every month new blogs and...
  2. ehdud8451

    bing does't index my website

    I confirmed that my domain was previously used for Chinese spam sites [5~6 years ago] and also for porn sites [3~4 years ago]. But my site is index in Google... I don't know why bing webmaster not index my website... I tried these things. 1. Add sitemap. 2. Optimze SEO likes canonical, meta...
  3. TheDankChocolate

    Help, Bing Indexing Issue.

    Lately, I have been facing Issues in Bing search engine. On Google, my new blogs are getting indexed. In Bing webmasters tool, it shows that URL is indexed, but when I type in my url it does not show up on Bing. Even tried with No results...
  4. FARUKS69

    Bing indexing formula

    Can anybody provide me bing indexing new formula. I do a lot but failure...
  5. Ankit Puri

    Bing auto indexer needed!!

    Hi All, Can anyone please tell a good auto indexer for bing. As I am struggling to find one. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance... Ankit Puri
  6. pj777777

    How to speed up indexing?

    As the title says guys, Any tips to speed up my indexing on bing? Thanks PJ
  7. Mahinder Pal

    Why google index lesser pages than bing and yahoo.

    I have my website with lesser page indexing in Google as compare to Bing and Yahoo. Can anybody help me out? What's the reason. Thanks in advance.
  8. crystaleye

    How to index forum post , blog post, guest forum post etc. in a minute by google, bing

    Hi, I used the method Create a post on a forum or free blog or guest forum site. then, submit on Google webmaster link submission tools. and it will index instantly (in a minute) But the quick method something not working now a days. Can anybody suggest me about the indexing issues of google...
  9. P

    How to index in bing like this site

    I checked this site paycashloann was indexed in bing for 100,000+ in just 1 week. What trick to do like this?
  10. V

    Index Status 0

    Hi BHW members, I have submitted my website to google and bing , but when i see the total index status , it shows 0. Any Idea? How i can improve it. Or any previous post on BHW? Additionally , how can I bring more traffic to my website. Please help me out . Thanks in Advance.

    98% Of Bing Indexing Gone

    I've noticed this week that my 1500 indexed pages in Bing are now down to 62 and dropping more everyday.I've also lost traffic to my site too.My Google index stayed the same.Anybody else have this happen?
  12. sfidirectory

    Over 22000 backlinks in Bing... how to scrape all links?

    Hi everyone, So I have the Alexa Toolbar installed on my browser and according to Bing I have close to 22,000 backlinks. I have several url harvesters for harvesting blog urls etc but am wondering if there are any harvesters out there that is able to scrape all backlinks of a given website from...
  13. MisterGemini

    Google Reveals How to Rank In Bing on Any Keyword You Want!

    As many seasoned SEMs know, BING/MSN is often conversion heaven with its traffic (even though it often doesn't send as much of it). Google in a backhanded attempt to discredit bing for it's data collection, actually was feeding a secret message to us BHers to manipulate them. In their...
  14. B

    Bing Indexing

    Does anyone have any tips for getting a large volume of websites indexed quickly in Bing? The standard indexing techniques used for Google have not been very effective.
  15. seoz87

    Bing Indexing Issue

    Hi To all Friends Its been observed that Bing usually has low indexing compare to yahoo and google cause of its crawler issue. However there are websites that has more indexing in bing rather than Google. for example see the indexing of in bing and in google So can any body...
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