How to index in bing like this site


Sep 8, 2013
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I checked this site paycashloann was indexed in bing for 100,000+ in just 1 week. What trick to do like this?
100,000 ?
just a get a few pr links , if you want to index a huge website with 100k pages.
All are 302 redirects to a payday loan affiliate. The guy is using various Black Hat SEO techniques by guys in the Payday loan niche, its hard to tell but I feel there is something going with 301 re-directs possibly from hacked sites. Also if you look at the sites backlink profile its all super targeted keywords, which are pointing to the various subdomain that are appearing in the Bing search. Would love to really understand whats going on? Can anyone fully enlighten me.
From my experience, bing tries to go overboard for webmasters, for example: I added a white hat site to my Google webmaster tools and it took 2 weeks to index 3/4 of my pages. I signed up for bing and they indexed all of my pages in two days. Google still has more traffic, but you can't forget bing though.

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No matter if you don't get enough visitors to your website. Through indexing on Bing you can promote traffic to your website. To do that you need to edit your website with suitable keywords. You can register in the Bing webmaster tool archive. Enter your site's web address in the URL box.
I don't think they use bing webmaster tool to submit I think they use any tools to submit :confused:
It should naturally index in a week or so, just give it some time.
can we use some script to submit directly to bing for unlimited url like bing webmaster tools but bing limited quota url submit to 10 url daily :confused:
i have tried to submit automaticaly with a script , but the page still not indexed :(
any ideeas on how to index large amount of pages in in bing ?
Anyone got any other tips for quick indexing Bing?
I know we can do a set amount of URLs in webmaster tools and submit sitemaps, build links etc. But these aren't quick enough for me :)
Looking for a method which can get tens of thousands indexed within a week or so.
Bing is normally pretty quick about indexing pages. At least faster than Google. Wait a little while longer then consider manually
submitting them.
i have tried the auto script to submit to bing, i have submited many pages ( with captcha) but they where not indexed. so that dosent work.. i still havent figure out how they manage to index 20k pages very fast in bing.. :\
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