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Dec 24, 2012
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Hi BHW members,

I have submitted my website to google and bing , but when i see the total index status , it shows 0. Any Idea? How i can improve it. Or any previous post on BHW?

Additionally , how can I bring more traffic to my website. Please help me out .

Thanks in Advance.
How many days passed since you started your website?
Give it some more time man and start doing link building to get it faster indexed and improving your SERPs for more free traffic
Do you have any link to article , for newbie , so that i can learn how to build links.
2 weeks are enough for a site to get indexed. Generally it happens in 2-3 days. Please check if you are avoiding search engine bots. The worst option is that you have got a deindexed domain.
Sorry but how can we we check whether search engine bots are being avoided?? And how to check weyher my domain is deindexed. Also I forgot to tell that i have submitted my website at bing webmaster but , bing have not crawled any url i have submitted.
do some web 2.0 and bookmarks and you should find your site in Google Index. For more traffic, you should decide on your keywords and then start link building for them.

For quick traffic you can try out PPC (Google adword is the best for it)
we checked... his site was indexed very well. there is a problem on webmaster tools.
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