98% Of Bing Indexing Gone


Jun 12, 2012
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I've noticed this week that my 1500 indexed pages in Bing are now down to 62 and dropping more everyday.I've also lost traffic to my site too.My Google index stayed the same.Anybody else have this happen?
This happened to me more times, but always bing got back and reindex my pages , I always thinking that bing louse some parts of databases and then came back and reindex the pages ,It may be some database failure, this also happening on google (not only bing) , usually in 2 weeks all pages are back reindexed , however make sure you have good and unique content on those pages , to be sure that there is no other problem.
Everything is unique on my site..I'll keep a eye on it and hope it comes back up..I was getting good traffic.
Happened to me, just wait its going to get re-indexed.
It's actually just like a shuffle. Wait and see before you get reindexed. It happened to me before, and i gained even more traffic than before when I reappeared!
I had something similar to happen to one of my authority sites last week. I just kept going with what I was doing and they are starting to coming back. Some in higher spots than before.

Though I still see a lot of my keywords 'dancing'. -_-;
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