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Jamie Fox

Jun 19, 2018
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hey guys please help me with this
I bought lifetime license of Twitter bot from monstersocial worth $199 after 2 month they disabled my license
When I chat with support they are asking for more $199 , they also threatening me if i open paypal dispute they will post all my data on forums also I cannot claim refunds of digital products

they also change my 500 twitter accounts passwords which are aged and asking to pay them $199 if I want all my accounts back

Have anybody else going through this because its not about money I lost my all data and also the trust

Also if you are newbie and going to buy monstersocial dont buy it they are 100% scammers
This is no different to the comments in this thread which was later closed;

You've made an account in here just to post this ?

So this one is also now closed.
Not open for further replies.
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