1. TrueMan

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    Worldwide Trustpilot reviews available We can not do more than 2/3 reviews per-day for one business. We follow basic drip feed for every business. Trustpilot is an essential platform to introduce your business to your clients. Trustpilot is a leading consumer review website that allows users...
  2. J

    Trustpilot or similar site review exchange for free anywhere?

    Hi, I've seen many facebook, youtube like exchanges on the internet. But is there any reliable review exchange service (for free) for Trustpilot or other review site? I write a 5 star rating review for you, you write a 5 star rating for me. Such kind of service anywhere?
  3. L

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    Hello Everyone, We are offering 5 copies - 1 month access to use our saas software which allows you to own and run a mobile device online directly from your browser to manage and automate your tiktok/instagram account. Devices passes safetynet so you can register new accounts directly from...
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    Offering FREE review copies for various SEO services of mine - 35DollarSeo

    Hello Everyone, A give away for you all. I am offering few FREE Review Copies for all my services on Blackhatworld. Here is the complete information. 1. 9 free review copies available - Monster White (Guest post style posts) You will get 3 posts from Monster white. You can provide a maximum...
  5. C

    Etsy Reviews needed

    looking for some etsy accounts with purchase history preferably at least 1 year old accounts to write 5 star reviews on my etsy jewelry shop I will pay you for writing the review and refund you immediately through paypal
  6. M

    Need Video Testimonial For Brand

    Hi guys, I need a video testimonial (about 30 seconds) for my advertising agency. These are real reviews but the brands are a bit camera shy in terms of recording the video. Would give you a script and would just need a video recorded and I'd upload to my website. Can offer competitive...
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  10. G

    Remove Fake Google Reviews by competitor by responding with

    My competitor(s) regularly write 1 star fake reviews on my google business profile. Till today I could find any solution to remove these fake reviews. Google is not deleting them. I came across the article below, which states that the owner of this burger joint responds to fake reviews by...
  11. S

    Review snippet GSC

    Hello all, I have some questions regarding product reviews, hopefully, someone of you had the same issue and would be able to help me. Let's start from the begging. So we are manufacturers of home fragrances. With this particular domain, we work in the Lithuanian market. We have 19 different...
  12. sdf724r

    Negative outcomes when buying Trustpilot reviews

    Hey folks, I'm recently considering buying ±100 Trustpilot reviews for my company profile to get things going while avoiding having to work with Trustpilot (for reasons). I was now wondering if anyone here can share some insights what exactly happened when they got caught/busted? I already...
  13. theo_kr

    Should I update my reviews or make new ones?

    consider I've done a review that goes by the title "Top 5 Android Smartphones", and then after a period of time, say 6 months, I've decided that I'm making another one. is it better for SEO to A) update the old one's list (might change every single product), or to B) make a new one? won't the...
  14. Caviston

    Looking to buy TRUST PILOT REVIEWS

    As title says. Need to purchase 25 reviews. They must stick and offer a guarantee. Send me a PM or your contacts in the comments.
  15. MachMarketing

    Who can provide Audible reviews for german Audiobook?

    Hi is there a way to get Audible Reviews for german Audiobooks? How much does it cost and how does it work? Thank you
  16. Anonimito

    Writing Google reviews earned me $1,400 in 24 hours.

    Good day, everyone! I just started this yesterday and have already reached out to about 150 apartment owners. Within the first 24 hours, my current response rate is around 36%. The conversion rate is approximately 40%. I write reviews for 30 cents per review, and the minimum order is 50...
  17. M

    I need Etsy review

    Hello, I need 2 reviews (2 different people) who would buy my product on Etsy. !!! No new accounts !!! The reward is $5 net (it's only 2 minutes of work) The product costs $1.20 (so I'll send you $6.20 - PayPal, Binance) Of course, I need a positive review after the purchase. Thank you
  18. P

    Google Reviews needed, Only Trustworthy and serious people. People who have no regards for deadlines dont waste my time and yours

    First of all, I must quote that I work with several large clients, And the amount of work I have is simply way too much for me to handle, so I have decided to look for outsourcing to provide to my clients and share a bit of my profit. I have several listings that I need reviews on, I have...
  19. 1linkwarrior

    Is it legit to sell GMB Reviews here in BHW?

    Hello there, I have been doing SEO link-building for decades. I help people grow their websites with profile backlinks, directory backlinks, web 2.0 gov backlinks, Edu backlinks, etc. I am just curious if it is possible to sell Google My Business Reviews here in the black hat world.
  20. harrywilliams

    2 Years Old Blog Failure - How to Recover?

    I'm doing a blog related to engineering. Over the last two years I have published over 50 articles. This is the current status of the site. Last 16 months GSC Last 6 months GSC Last 3 months GSC Past month GSC Ahrefs Overview Ezoic All Ezoic last 30 days daily Here is...