1. DarrellStanding

    Scrimba need reviews

    Hey BlackHatWorld Members, I'm considering signing up for Scrimba to enhance my coding skills and wanted to get some feedback first. Has anyone here used Scrimba? If so, could you share your experience with their courses and platform? I'm particularly interested in: The quality of their...
  2. H

    Google reviews

    Looking for sticky google reviews . I don't wanna have review that stick for only 7 days . If you can do real sticky review please leave here your price and conditions . Thanks
  3. J

    We need 10+ Google Reviews

    Looking for Google review provider for UK business - you need to have some good track record and speak at least decent English. For now we need 10 reviews to see how it goes. In total we will need 80. We need them to be posted every few days for some time. For example 2 reviews every 2-3 days...
  4. erasmo0284

    Woocommerce hundreds of Reviews for a personal site

    Hi, is anybody here doing reviews for woocommerce products, personal WordPress sites, or a persona profile?
  5. ninzaseo

    ❤️Free Review Copies of Different Services from Ninzaseo✅✅ ~ Outreach Guest Posts/ Niche Edits❤️

    Hey Awesome people, We are offering Free Review copies to Members who think they can get some time to leave a Review after getting the report. Service Threads --- Rank Heist -...
  6. L

    Bulk reviews for GMB and Yelp - USA accounts only

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a serious review provider for GMB and Yelp. I need reviews from accounts located in the USA with Wester's names. Our digital agency manages multiple businesses in the USA, and all our clients need constantly new reviews. Therefore we are looking for Bulk review...
  7. KettleSweeney

    Need Google Reviews from Houston Texas Area USA

    I am looking for reviews for a construction company in the Houston, TX area. I need these reviews to be good, preferably local, and stick! Please reply to me if you have experience in this or can help.
  8. irisXE

    [Giveaway] Free Yelp Reviews That Stick (5+ Years Old Accounts)

    I have tons of aged (5+ years) active Yelp accounts. I can cover any location in US & Canada. If your listing has not been abused with too many fake reviews, these reviews will stick forever. I can offer 1 free Yelp review to each BHW member that meets these two requirements: - your BHW profile...
  9. EKB

    Looking for legit reviews

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can provide reviews of my accommodation on Thanks to send details and prices by PM
  10. rxnaldo

    How to monetize trustpilot accounts?

    Hey bhw! i have hundreds of aged trustpilot accounts with activity, some since 2013..2014..2015.. looking for ways to monetize them since i saw that there are websites selling every 10 reviews for $75 which seems very profitable and crazy to me... my question is...what should i do with the...
  11. Nothingtosay

    1 Review copy for Trustpilot review

    Hi, I am giving a free copy for my new thread. You will get 10 trustpilot review for you business. ■ One JR VIP Member With at least 300+ post. ■ You should have a Trustpilot business page. ■ All messages must remain in PM, with BHW staff actively monitoring the messages. ■ Reply to this...
  12. BST - Review - ORM.png

    BST - Review - ORM.png

    BST - Review - ORM
  13. Gurusocial

    URLs of Binance and Some Other Exchanges blocked in India

    So What do you think About this are aur assets safe aur Should we Transfer Them on Other Platforms Because the Binance App is Still Working? Till Now only there URL are not working and Which other Platfrom Do you suggest for Spot Trading.
  14. G

    Linkedin account

    Need someone with real Linkedin profile based in usa/canada. Need to leave a testimonial on upwork. Will discuss payment.
  15. Luca Jones

    [FREE REVIEW COPY] Get On TWITTER Trending Feed⭐

    Hello, We are offering a free review copy to get TRENDING on the twitter feed for any hashtag you want. This can bring in lots of exposure! :) So, how does this work? Basically you give us a hashtag that you want to make into a trend and we will rank it in Twitter's Trending page. That...
  16. BitAttorney

    Seeking Biz Reviews

    Newbie here, great information on this site. Looking for reliable Google/FB/Trustpilot Reviews Inquire here: Thanks!
  17. S

    Looking for recommended sellers for; Reviews for Trustpilot, App Reviews for Google Play and IOS, and Google Business Page Reviews

    I am looking to engage with a company or an experts for various potential tasks, such as; Ongoing Google Maps Review services for EU and US accounts. The service should be of high quality. A Skype group can be created for order communication, with links provided and monitored from there. If you...
  18. techvio

    Upwork Reviews

    Hi, there We Need an Upwork review, help pls!! thanks
  19. Luddie

    Trustpilot reviews - From verified account. Also looking for Capterra

    MUST STICK - let me say that again: MUST STICK. Content will be provided but must be a US account. Please reply with contact and prices. Will be ongoing if your service is good. - Thank you PS: Also looking for Capterra and G2
  20. nirajsharma

    Google Reviews Services $$$$$

    Google Reviews Can Help You Increase Conversions. Customers require social confirmation that they are making the right purchases. Customers may have a few sales objections at this point since they don't want to feel like they're passing up a fantastic opportunity. Because of this, 85% of...
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