1. Barnibonn

    Attention!!! Scammers selling backlinks.

    Hi, everybody. I want to share a scheme how divorce people to buy links. The essence of the method is as follows. Usually, this resellers (people who resell backlinks) or dishonest webmasters. You write to the mail that they are owners of several sites and provide a list of mostly such lists...
  2. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Who else likes @coffeezilla? Please suggest me some similar YouTube Channels that expose Scammers & Fake Gurus!

    I have been watching a lot of @CoffeeZilla recently, what other channels do you recommend? I also follow @SpencerCornelia Please just suggest channels that deal with scammers and fake gurus (in any field, not just...
  3. mrhatter

    Dispute: @mrhatter vs @Hunows for $720

    I waited a long time, until today. More than 240 days passed since I paid money to @Hunows, and still didn't got my service. At first, I ordered MC011 ebay account reinstatement, and after few days came, he reinstated but after few hours passed, in same day account became suspended again. He...
  4. C

    SMMFOLLOWS - Scammers Beware

    After 4 weeks and 10 tickets asking for my $67 back, these scumbags just keep giving BS excuses. DO NOT USE THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY
  5. F

    Been scammed by user botsignal and people are still being scammed

    Firstly not sure how the heck this sales thread managed to get approved when clearly this is a bot system and OP is lying to people saying its organic traffic. I decided to buy the 150k hits package to test the service since it sounded to be amazing is the traffic was real i would be getting...
  6. mindmaster

    Do people with covid become scammers?

    I have this theory that IMers that get covid, 5 out of 10 times, they become scammers against their will. Remember when a scammer would tell you he has family issues (dead people/pets) just to buy some time? And then they would suddenly cut all connections. It seems like today most lack...
  7. Chielou June

    I need to expose this Retard.

    I am in need of Windows 10 and Office licenses. So i posted one under WTB. Some one contacted me via skype and this happened. His skype ID - live:.cid.ba1c3997a1bf5b65 I believe the second one below is his secondary account . His Skype - ethan.tllr78 Who are these GUYS ?
  8. T

    [HOW TO] Not get scammed when buying a service on BHW/or anywhere - Common sense steps to take

    Alright, while this is mostly common sense, I just saw like 5 Shitlist threads pop up, and just reminded me that some are too careless in their dealings, as most can really be prevented. Ok, so lets assume you are looking to buy a service/hire a freelancer etc. , what should you look at to...
  9. M

    {SCAMMERS} Adworkmedia They Don't Pay Publishers, Nor Reply Support Messages

    Help anyone, @adworkmedia now scams publisher by refusing to pay them. I was supposed to be paid my earning for the month of December on 30th January since am on Net30 but @adworkmedia didn't pay me any of my hard working money. They don't reply any of my support messages they just leave them...
  10. Leader777

    Reason why i paused my BST..

    Hi, How's everybody doing? So , Yesterday someone hacked my Dogecoin wallets since i diden't have 2FA in it. When i checked the wallet of the person who hacked it , it seem that he got $14k in it ( probably from hacking other people , such a shame). The address that was hacked had only $150...
  11. Luca Jones

    Someone registered my EMAIL ID as their SKYPE live ID? - PLEASE DONT ADD MY SKYPE

    Hello BHW! It came to my attention that unfortunately, some low-life scammer who don't really know how to earn any money online decided to go out scamming, and that is by somehow registering my email address as their Skype name ID to scam people using my services. PLEASE DO NOT ADD MY EMAIL...
  12. J

    very strange buying/selling account situations

    So in the past two days I have been directly DMing the accounts on IG. these two accounts have "selling account" on thier page. Both accounts were great, no bots, engagement was excellent and were what I needed. But the first account gave me their paypal and I sent it via good and...
  13. T

    [HOW TO] Not get scammed (or decrease the chance of it)

    Ok, I am really getting annoyed buy so many scammers, fake gurus, etc. here these days. In order not to add to the drama I am NOT going to mention names, links to threads, and will forego using any screenshots. I ask you to please not start the drama on this thread. TLDR Use common sense. Too...
  14. B

    adscendmedia scammed 1.2k usd from me

    Hi fellow bhw members, I was sending traffic to adscendmedia offers for a month now earning around 1200$ Today I got this message: "Your Adscend Media account has been suspended due to a breach of our Terms of Service. Since this is a serious breach, or because your leads themselves are...
  15. Loyd656

    Scammers -

    I knew these guys wasn't the best, but they are awful. They scammed me out of $50. Order was never delivered. Contacted them and they said they would fix the problems and never did. Contacted them again and said ordered boosted - bullshit. Contacted them again and never replied and marked my...
  16. TheItalianJob

    Banned from Fiverr for using the word 'review' on a gig title!

    So, I've been a Fiverr member since 2013 and I've spent a bunch of money in gigs over the years, as a buyer. A couple of months ago, I decided to try out the seller side and I created my own gigs, offering my Italian copywriting skills to write compelling sales copy and engaging video scripts. I...
  17. J

    Monstersocial Scam Me $199

    hey guys please help me with this I bought lifetime license of Twitter bot from monstersocial worth $199 after 2 month they disabled my license When I chat with support they are asking for more $199 , they also threatening me if i open paypal dispute they will post all my data on forums...
  18. Makemeproguys

    [LAWSUIT]Millionaire crypto scammers deleted their social media and YouTube!!!

    There are some channels which are accused or scamming people by promoting Ponzi schemes like bitconnect and more which you all know it has been closed and people who believed this YouTubers like cryptonick,ryan hildreth,craig grant and trevon James lost million of dollars and even their life...
  19. H

    Datinggold 100% scammers, they don't pay money!

    I'm successfully working webmaster in dating niche for last 2 years (total worked with more than 10 affiliate programs). I've never had a problem with the quality of traffic. I decided to try datinggold. I sent them traffic for 30 hours and got over $100 by statistics. This is very small emount...
  20. Mr Cracker literally just scammed me for $57 (company itself)

    Earlier today I posted a project about making a software, the listing was APPROVED without issues. Next I decided to add some extras such as featured and hand picks via their staff. Great, I thought everything was setup and waited. Within 3 minutes of taking my money ($57) I received an email...
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