1. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Who else likes @coffeezilla? Please suggest me some similar YouTube Channels that expose Scammers & Fake Gurus!

    I have been watching a lot of @CoffeeZilla recently, what other channels do you recommend? https://www.youtube.com/@Coffeezilla I also follow @SpencerCornelia https://www.youtube.com/c/SpencerCornelia Please just suggest channels that deal with scammers and fake gurus (in any field, not just...
  2. christianza

    Fake Instagram AI Influencer. Now It's Become Possible And Very Easy

    Hello people. Was searching here for threads about Fake AI influencers, but didnt found anything here. So im curious about it, if someone had any idea to start own fake model ? I have made some tests with Face swap service and it does really good job. Made like 50 swaps in 1 hour. Maybe someone...
  3. GainTheImpossible

    Originality.ai - #Tested. Buyers beware!

    Stay away from this. I've already asked for a refund due to the lack of quality. Been testing my writers out for the past days and their content is 100% written by themselves, I know that for certain. However, seems like AI detection tools like this originality have nothing on AI content...
  4. cagetim

    I am from China, how can I make money on the Internet?

    I am from China, how can I make money on the Internet?my country has a lot of cheap sources, and fake
  5. ellay

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes etc?

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes, views? Isn't it because it benefits them? It's easy to see how social networks tighten the screws where they need to and where not - you can add as much as you can. For example, as I write this post, it's extremely...
  6. E

    SMM.net and cloutsy.net are scam.. Worst experience ever

    I'm using smm for my clients. I got scammed once from smm.net when I ordered 10k IG followers (non-drop), they dropped to 1k in less than a month, then they refilled and AGAIN they dropped in a week! later I came up across cloutsy.net with their cheap offers, I knew they were the same team of...
  7. jongmr

    [VIDEO] when they expose fake gurus

  8. mybank

    is just proxy enough to stay anonymous enough?

    hello bhw i want to start my new business with new and fake identity. a few days ago i was talking to my proxy provider and my proxy provider said: you need more than just a dedicated residential proxy to be able manage and use the accounts that you made with fake identity in websites like...
  9. R4v3nbl4ck

    How safe is it to use a fake Facebook account nowadays?

    Hi everyone, I need to create a few Facebook pages and run ads. However, I don't have a personal Facebook account and I don't want to have one with my real data on it. I was thinking about creating a fake account, but how safe is it nowadays? I'm asking because a few years ago I had a fake...
  10. Mr Shmuel

    [Journey] Follow along as I grow a replica business while living in China

    I've been lurking BHW for a while, and about once a year see a cool make money guide that I get super interested in, and try to follow as a side income. Sometimes I make enough to say "that was worth it" but nothing mind blowing. My day job actually pays well, but life in China can be boring...
  11. MonteCarlos

    Where the heck they found so many monkeys?

    Authorities discovered a warehouse with 50 Tones of fakes here in Greece... And the question is, where the hell they got all these stuff from? Is there an online resource for fakes that I have missed, or they are just going to China to close such huge deals? Probably there are 50k items in...
  12. Shika1

    Where to get an LP like this one

    So lately i've been stumbling upon alot of LP like this one : Apparently, they're made with Bootstrap. Thank you !
  13. K

    Can someone recommend `Botless` pop up traffic?

    Hi there, I have been using pop up ads for my adult website for years now. Recently I noticed tons of shameless fake bot traffic coming from allegedly reputable ad networks. TL:DR > Can someone here recommend from first-hand experience a pop ap or PPC network that has relatively clean...
  14. Lifeisnotgood

    Deleting Fake Instagram Followers!

    Hi I have over 1200 followers in my Instagram Account. I don't know how many are fake's but i think over 500. It seems i can't delete those using PC (log in to main Instagram page), because there isn't those "three dots" thing where is the option to delete follower. So i have to use the...
  15. Parker2010

    Re. Check FAKE Reviews Before We BUY

    Hi Guys: How do we make sure that the reviews shared on Service Provider's page are not Fake and are from real user ? A service provider might be using FAKE Reviews from a Seller or might be having lot of old accounts and using them to post FAKE Reviews on his own. Just a thought. Can we...
  16. speedie

    Are your business testimonials fake?

    Hey guys, What do you think about fake testimonials? Can you get sued for it? Does it matter whether you use fake testimonials even when your product is top-notch in the market and over-delivers what it promise.
  17. Heiko

    Do you still have social media profiles?

    Im curious once again. In the past years everyone seems to have atleast 1 social media account whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. - On several articles and Youtube Videos you always hear about how social media is bad for you, how wrongfully it portraits the world, fake people that...
  18. Zenarus

    Fake Reviews Supplier needed ASAP!

    i need a fake review supplier for daily work! i have around 500 Google Listings and 100 Yelp Ones.. also some FB Pages and more ...... HAS TO BE UNIQUE EMAILS WITH UNIQUE IP if listings will be suspended i will not pay!!! American names is a must! you/ or i provide content. Dont contact me if...
  19. henryhuy

    Need Fake utility bill Thailand

    I need 1 Thailand utility bill for verify account ( electric, gas, or water...). who can do this please drop comment for price.
  20. Taylanubati

    Fake Influencer

    Hey Guys, does anyone of you run a personal account in which he basically is a fake influencer? With fake influencer, I mean someone who mostly uses panels to generate followers and likes, since recently I have the feeling that there are only fake influencers in the market. If yes, what is...
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