1. Bozuyuk

    Misuse of the letter I with the letter L on Telegram

    Friends first of all, the last letter of my username on telegram ends with a lowercase letter L. There is a topic I sell on the market, and my telegram username is written to contact addresses, one of the scammers is imitating my account, the last letter of the username is a capital letter “ I...
  2. A

    Low fraud score proxies

    Hi all, does someone know where I can get residential proxies with a low fraud score? I was buying all the time from privateproxy, but all of their proxies have a score of +85. I am thankful for any usefull recommondation! Regards
  3. PimpMyGrowth

    Question about shitlist

    I have just bought something from a seller on bhw. The seller immediately deleted the telegram conversation after I transferred btc. Since I have multiple telegram accounts, I can see that he has blocked me on the telegram account where we conversed. Should I still wait for 72 hours ? Any...
  4. F

    Scammer Report - Username Savobaby - Forbes Article

    Hi guys! I'd like to report the user Savobaby as scammer. Took advance payment of $800 for Forex article, I trusted him because he has 11 years old account on BHW, however the order wasn't delivered and he disappeared from Telegram and deleted account. He also tried to reach me from other...
  5. D

    Do adult traffic networks cheat their clients?

    Hey, everybody. I would like to share with you my experience with buying advertising from adult traffic networks. I have been testing different affiliate offers for the last two months and I'm not satisfied with the results at all. Let me give you an example of one of my campaigns. I was...
  6. mainceaft

    Why fraud comes from certain countries, aside from their economic condition.

    Hi all, on my Fiverr account, recently many contact from people pretended to hire me to do to them certain job, I got many messages before from all around the world, most of the time either they change their mind before ordering, or found someone else they already contact to before, Last couple...
  7. Youtube-Toys

    Alert! Sadly Russ Thomas Is a Scammer

    Hello All, This is not for a shitlist or anything just about my experience with this guy. Russ Thomas - In youtube section everybody had seen this name in threads etc about sharing methods or helping people, So did i. First we chatted over Skype then another telegram handle then another, he...
  8. Pragesh.Diol

    Frauds And Scams On Linkedin

    Social media frauds nothing new right! But these LinkedIn *MF* are on other level. I received a mail from someone named Chang Lee from china saying that he is investment banker. He is chairman of some big Chinese Bank. Then he said that one of the customers from his bank has died and he doesn't...
  9. miamia123

    Expose a telegram scam AWS seller

    This is a clever liar He posted a message in a telegram to inform him that he is an AWS credit account seller, and wrote in the announcement "Don't trust unknown users, only with the administrator". After I paid him USDT, he immediately blocked me. Everyone, be careful of this scammer.
  10. J

    New to BHW!! With a big interest and money motivated!

    Hello all, I've had a little browse of a fraction of the site so far, mainly the forums and what people are chatting about. Seems interesting to say the least and some of the opportunites/advice being posted is quality, like I said I've only seen a few things so far too! I'm glad I signed up...
  11. aggin

    BHW in one of the Barely Sociable videos about Crypto Fraud

    From 28:30
  12. J

    very strange buying/selling account situations

    So in the past two days I have been directly DMing the accounts on IG. these two accounts have "selling account" on thier page. Both accounts were great, no bots, engagement was excellent and were what I needed. But the first account gave me their paypal and I sent it via good and...
  13. J

    Beware of these scammers - @wpoppin

    This is about a scammer who may create a new account using a new name, different email address, and another IP address, etc. He’d return to try to scam other potential victims. Please watch out. I wanted to promote an online petition over third party. A random user by the name of 'INV...
  14. P


    Hey Everyone, I’m running a service business for some time already. Been suffering from fraud clicks on my ppc ads for a fairly long time... it’s getting really annoying and I need an idea on how to figure out who’s the bastard. There is only a few options that I have a gut feeling about them...
  15. WhoIzz

    Plea For SEO Guidance To Help Beat Scammers

    We are a group of volunteers that recently established a free bulletin board/forum website which serves as a repository and publishes (as a public service warning) a high volume of advance-fee fraud scam emails, the ones that are currently circulating on the internet throughout the world on a...
  16. P

    Adwords Click Fraud audit & service

    Need Adwords Click Fraud audit & service
  17. J

    Crakrvenue scam/fraud

    I have been the target of fradulent activity and several violations of TOS from the side of Crakrevenue. Their services have been recommended to me by one of their long-time affiliates that was happy with their services, which leads me to believe, that they are most likely participating in...
  18. DuckingOutstanding


    So, I've heard of this happening to other people, never quite THIS quickly though.... Yesterday (I spent a good chunk of time writing and editing, by hand, an exceptionally long (a little over 3k word) blog post to give a blog of mine a solid boost. Took care, it was MS content to ensure that...
  19. AlexRozett

    CryptoHands, your thoughts?

    Hey guys, I have been away for a while, but today I've decided to post a thread here to get some feedback from people that possibly have way more experience in crypto than I do. Some chick contacted me over Telegram, (for her sake we will call her Jenny) and sent me a link about CryptoHands...
  20. See Gre

    Wife ditched husband over $700k. A true story. Need your opinion.

    As one of my friend was ditched by his wife. She behaved in front of him that she was not interested in S..X and asked him to have relation with some other girls. She herself found some girls for him like tuition teacher of her child, her friend, her sisters. Not only this but also ditched him...
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