1. AdaEllington

    ElixAds.com Provides Non-Bot Services For All Social Medias & More | Free Trial Funds Available

    provides Non-Bot Services. Increase Sales & Engagement ABOUT US At ElixAds, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to reach their marketing goals through strategic and data-driven advertising solutions. We believe in the power of effective advertising to drive brand awareness...
  2. W

    marketplace algorithm

    Hello all hope your doing well. Im a marketplace reseller (based in the uk) and usually whenever I search for eg 'iPhone' a new listing pops up on marketplace every 3 minutes, however recently whenever I search and refresh a new listing pops up every half an hour. I don't know why the algorithm...
  3. L

    Facebook group growing (Niche based)

    Hi everyone, I want to grow my Facebook group that I have not created yet. The group is in the Dog breed niche and I want to make at least 2-3k Members a month. Plus the members has to be from the US, UK and Europe market. How can do it? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  4. T

    Facebook comment for my live stream

    i have 50 facebook account i want to control my 50 account at once and comment in my live post what software i have to use please tell me.( i have only 10$) if you have free please tell me
  5. thesyndicate

    If you remix reels on Facebook do you get the rights to it and advertising money?

    If you remix reels on Facebook, do you get the rights to it and advertising money? You can remix reels and post them on your FB or Insta but if you have ads do you get the money for the view?
  6. ibrapique

    Facebook page geography Limitation !

    Hey guys ! I have a new facebook gaming page I started to create reels but i notice i only get views & interactions locally from my country ! How to bypass this & expand the reach ?!
  7. speedie

    How can I mass delete Facebook friends?

    Hey guys, Is there a way to delete Facebook friends in bulk? For example , one-tap click to remove each friend without asking to "confirm deletion" . If anyone knows, please share.
  8. S

    Facebook ad information scraping

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for the best way to get information on competitor ads like impressions/CTR/ad spend a day per ad etc. is this possible with scraping methods or something similar? Any information would be helpful, also if this is a paid for service, if someone could point me in the...
  9. H

    Is there a way i can buy crypto with paypal without fees?

    I'm trying to buy crypto with PayPal, are there any methods to do this?
  10. Elchavo


    To get 10% Discount, just write " Send Discount Code Elchavo " To get a random Account review, just type "I want an account, Elchavo" ( Discount and Review are limited ) ↘️ Get Accounts Here ↙️ Shoppy.gg/@elchavo ↘️ If Out of Stock, Check This Store ↙️ Elchavo.mysellix.io İNSTAGRAM What types...
  11. H

    Is it normal for Facebook to make so many holds?

    I ran some engagement ads today and for some reason, Facebook has put 3 holds on my account, one for 7 one for 10, and one for 15$, while the ads were only on for a couple of hours. I understand that Facebook may put an amount on hold to make sure I have the money, but at this point, Facebook...
  12. P

    FB BH Online Gambling Ads + Cloaking

    Currently im running cloaking ads on fb, yes it still works, can run for 6 months wouldnt restriction or get caught. But however, the result is not very good. I know it is creatives + contents problem. Coz traffic still high, landing page views high. But seems gamblers are not interested with...
  13. M

    Lost access to my old Facebook account

    I lost access to my old Facebook account, I lost both the phone number and password, is there any solution to get it back or at least delete it
  14. sandandkush

    Best Viral Method To Share Link Content On Facebook

    I have discovered a method that can potentially make any LINK content go viral on Facebook. I came across a Facebook page that shares links from its blog to Facebook using the FULL IMAGE of their post's featured image (as shown in figure 1). Not only that, but the featured images they use are...
  15. T

    Add “Tap to open” website link to Facebook video/reel

    Hello Guys, Does anyone know how to add “tap to open” link to Facebook videos? (I have attached ss of page and eg.) Thanks
  16. realrichkid

    Looking buy Personal Facebook UK account (minimum 2years old)

    Hello Looking buy Personal Facebook UK account (minimum 2years old) buying only from ESCROW
  17. H

    Is Lamanche Payments a good virtual CC provider?

    Hello everyone! I am currently using a virtual CC provider for my FB ads but I have encountered many problems with them that have stopped my ads a couple of times and I am now looking for a different CC provider. I was thinking of the following 3 options: 1. Lamanche payments 2. 4x4.io 3...
  18. L

    Facebook post auto comment for each!

    Hi recently I noticed some facebook pages are spamming It with photos they directly post different website link for each Images I am willing to pay for the service I am looking for It couldnt find It myself searching!
  19. H

    Facebook charged me 3x more than my ad spent

    Hello everyone, I am asking this question again, but providing some screenshots so everybody can understand the situation better. Basically, I am running some engagement ads on one of my FB ads accounts. I have a daily limit of 20$. Everything was running fine for a couple of days until...
  20. C

    Pay Per Call on Fb Ads

    Hello, I am just starting Pay Per Call marketing on Facebook, I am sending traffic to a landing page and have a phone button call to action. First conversion came in really expensive and hoping that the pixel learns and cost goes down. I'm using ringba to pass back conversion events to the...
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