1. J

    Monstersocial Scam Me $199

    hey guys please help me with this I bought lifetime license of Twitter bot from monstersocial worth $199 after 2 month they disabled my license When I chat with support they are asking for more $199 , they also threatening me if i open paypal dispute they will post all my data on forums...
  2. Seo14u

    monstersocial is biggest frau over internet dont buy it

    monstersocial is a website which provide nearly non working bots by some rude/fraud guys or developer we invested more then $2000 on them to develop custom bot after a while they trickily discontinue our license , its almost 60 days now we are sending them mails daily but they are not...
  3. zeus1921

    MonsterSocial nulled?

    hi guys. Any MonsterSocial crack working?
  4. Axel Tobieson

    Facebook ip-check help

    Hey I use cracked accounts for monstersocial however they keep getting limited. How is facebook IP-check working. how GEO does the proxies have to be? also if I mess up and get account limited connecting from bad proxy, can i connect to it again with good proxy and it will work or has it...
  5. Kayla760

    Monstersocial vs Massplaner 2

    Which is best for building and then managing under 200 highly realistic Facebook accounts? I've noticed they have some contrasting features, would it be worth it to use both? Thanks!
  6. E

    Monstersocial for facebook bot service is this any good?

    I found this site called monstersocial facebook bot as it seems, does anyone know if its any good or is it not working also? If any of you are using this can you give me feed back? If not recommend any good facebook bots? :feedback:
  7. A


    So i recently had just bought monster social and honestly its kind of confusing to me on how you add your ig account to the program and use that to get my likes and followers up. Does anyone know how to use the bot very well? . -Alec
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